Irish Tour book launch party thing!

So, I got invited by Rozen (Nanowrimo nick) aka Rosemary to the launch! Ravensilvers got invited too and I brought Nefas along with me. In case you were wondering (and I’m sure you are), the book I’m talking about is this book.

irish banner

To the Irish ambassador’s place!

It was a fairly posh affair actually.

irish setting

Catered by the Hyatt hotel and all. The three of us were very pretty early… Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience!

irish books

Rozen finally came along at the time we were supposed to be there and some people (her staff?? She has staff??) unpacked books and what not at the table!! Alas, so nice. Oh yes, it’s available in the bookstores already! At least, it’s in Kinokuniya or so Raven says.

irish rozen

WOOOH, WOOH! Rozen herself. The lighting’s rather dark so the photo looks a bit rubbish. To meet us in real life, why don’t you guys join Nanowrimo and see us at a write-in? Heh heh.

irish nuts

The three of us hung outside near the stage thing set up there, eating nuts and being pretty much… nut eaters? We were waiting for the eventual speech to be had in any case.

irish speech

After the speech by the Irish ambassador in Singapore, he introduced Rozen and she did her speech. In summary, it just says that if you DO or if you CAN help anything to do with the history of the Irish in Singapore or even in Asia, uh, do it! Since after all, these things might fade with time and disappear… Nonetheless, I love her ending line which basically after a whole deep and rather nice speech, she went “and now you can eat!”.

Heh, after multitudes of applause and a brief ending speech to end it all up by the ambassador (good grief, every time I say the word ambassador I keep reminding myself of this and THIS… There were no chocolates there though), we got to eat!

irish food

I had me some brown bread and Greek salad! Truthfully, I had been jonesing for some feta cheese ever since I went to eat at a Turkish place with my friends and they got to try it and I didn’t cause I was too late. 🙁 NO MATTER, BWUAHAHAHA FETA CHEESE FOR ME HERE.

Raven and Nefas had some lamb thingy and seafood thing respectively. It was just really posh and all. PLUS, I really liked the cup holder things they had attached to the plate. WHY don’t people use them more often?! Do they sell those in regular shops? I WANT SOME.


Anyway, that was the end for the three of us after eating a bit and saying goodbye to Rozen and all. Next time, well, hopefully SOON next time it’ll be one of us.

Uh, doing the book launch thingy that is.

And hopefully maybe more younger and cuter literary loving boys too or guys like Mr Darcy or something, grasping the spine of your book and then huffing in contempt and you get appalled at him and he gets all in your face because what you wrote is…

OKAY RIGHT, till next time! I’ma go review “I believe you” by Low Kay Hua in the next post tomorrowish or after Hari Raya.

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