Low Kay Hwa’s I Believe You

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I got this book back in 2005 before he started his own “company” book website called Goody Books to sell them. I knew about the book only via the forums at youth.sg and was rather curious about it. The cover for the new editions now are VERY nice indeed since way back then it was less well known and I noticed he self printed and sent out copies to buyers who were interested in it.

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I’m going to just copy paste the updated blurb from the website instead here. It’s much better now and more descriptive than before. What you get to see here is the old blurb in the picture if you can read it though! Yeah, you can definitely see my copy is pretty old.

The blurb:

Joanna Fung is the envy of many girls: She studies at a top Junior College, has a girl-next-door look and has good results. However, deep on her heart, she holds a secret: She believes that she has a curse. She believes that every bad thing she said will come true.

Jacky Wu is an ideal price charming: He is good in his studies and has girls waiting to hold his hand. He smiles every few minutes and often cracks jokes. However, he, too, holds a deep secret.

When their paths crossed, an unexpected romantic love story takes place…

You can actually read the first 11 chapters online for FREE!! And in fact, after reading those free chapters, I went “Oh crap. It’s ROMANCE” and was very surprised because romance in this kind of format… as in REALLY romance romance aren’t usually written by guys and it was not a crappy school composition romance even!

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This was in the time when Paypal wasn’t about here nor was it so well known at that time. All I had to do to get a copy was to send it in cash to the specified address after emailing.

For those who read romance, you know those kinds that have covers of a couple with a lack of clothing embracing each other or Harley Quinn types and sob over them… THIS WILL MAKE YOU SOB TOO.

Well, if you’re emotional and all that but I SHED A TEAR (or four… or tons) near the end and would probably go to the author’s house with the book (since I had the address BACK THEN to pay which I don’t have now) and shove it in his face to sob and shout at him “Fix it! WHYY! FIX Iiiiiiiiiit!” if he didn’t continue the chapter and ended the story as a tragic cliffhanger.

Of course that didn’t happen because I turned a page to see at least some more pages until the end! That’s the trouble with me getting to know books with local writers. I might just approach them or something and be able to go “WHY? WHYYYYYYyyy?” at them in real life.

In any case, I felt rather proud to see the book being read by a secondary student at a bus stop with the new cover since it meant the guy has a large amount of readers now!

Oh right, the only bad thing about this story? There’s “riddles” you got to solve by the hero of the story when he sends messages to the girl to solve. THANKFULLY the answers are at the back of the book. It’s okay if you don’t solve them when you’re reading it but it’s like “extra” if you know what she realized he told her.

There’s one last riddle at the end where the reader is supposed to be able to use the word to insert it to the url stated by the hero.


At least not in this edition. I don’t know about the current editions for the book now.

I need to email the writer one of these days to get access to the bonus… thing the guy did. I can’t find anywhere online if people discussed about that particular page so BAAAAAH. I keep forgetting to email even back then.


So there you go I Believe You.

Get it online at just $12.80 from his online shop! Or you know, from your school. Just check it in the list here!

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11 thoughts on “Low Kay Hwa’s I Believe You”

  1. Bwahaha well if you ping me with the riddle maybe I can solve it for you? I liek solving riddles, yum!

  2. this story is really touching and romantic… i had read this story till chapter 11 on the net for free and i found out that this story is amazing. oh ya, i wanted to ask where can i find this book? in whick bookstore and where it was located?

  3. Hello kelly, you can go to Plaza Singapura, there’s a shop next to Simply Toys that is a shop of “cubes” and in one of the cubes his books are sold. Click here for more info. For more info, just check his website more and the ending was just SO SOOOOO sweet.

    Or if you’re not in SG but MY, you can check his info on http://www.my.goodybooksonlinestore.com

  4. i also cannot solve the website html part….do you have the answer??cause i am really bothered by this for weeks lol

    i really love the story
    can u like help me buy n post it to me then i’ll hav a meet up with u for paymeny?? pls 🙁
    cause i cannot go that far to plaza or vivo

  6. Firstly, you can buy it yourself as I stated in the post, here: http://www.goodybooks.com/wheretobuyphysicalbook.htm he even sells it to send to you via mail and by cash too.

    Secondly, You don’t need to go to Plaza Singapura and such if you followed the instructions above.

    Thirdly, you shouldn’t ask random strangers to buy you books or meet them for money. This is dangerous. You should ask your parents or someone you know to help you buy the book or even borrow it from the library.

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