HSWG update! AND info on submitting work, finding literary agents and a writer’s seminar (ALL FREE!)


First meeting shall be at Geek Terminal, 2pm on the 17th. You can come earlier if you want… We’ll be editing/blablaing about our WIP novels that we wrote during Nanowrimo 08 to scrub it up into publishable form.

Oh man, is my topic title long but the info on submitting work your work and getting a literary agent AND the young writers’ seminar is under the “more” cut! Got the info from Rozen who got it from NAC, I think.


Italics in this font are just MY comments by the way, hur hur.

Submitting Your Work and Getting a Literary Agent

What you can do to make yourself “irresistible” to the literary agents (or publishers) you hope to represent you.

Find out what literary agents look for in query letters and book proposals, and what are the clues that attract their interest. If you’re interested in obtaining literary agent representation or get an insight on presenting your manuscript to publishers, you’re invited to attend this free session.

Date: 13 January 2009

Time: 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Venue: Possibility Room, Level 5, National Library Building

Registration: Call 68488290 or email info@bookcouncil.sg with your name, email & tel. no.

Admission is free. Seats are allocated based on first-come-first-serve.

Who’s the speaker?

KELLY SONNACK is a Literary Agent and Submissions Manager at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, USA. She also assists with PR, events, foreign rights, and manages permissions. She specializes in children’s literature (picture books, middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, as well as illustration). She is also interested in adult fiction and non-fiction from unusual perspectives. She has been with the agency since 2006.

Ooooooh… I might go… OH WAIT, darn it. It’s on a Tuesday and I’m at work. Anyone who goes to it, tell me what happens. I DID go to a session about agents (not by her though) but in any case if you do, just tell me how it goes. Onwards to the other one then!

Young Writers Seminar

We’ll be doing much in this one day seminar. We’ll put the local writing scene under scrutiny. Expect some harsh words here. We’ll demystify the book publishing industry straight from the horse’s mouth to prove it isn’t that impossible to get your scribbles into print. We’ll get local writers talking and eventually, ahem, revealing. We’ll show you how to get your words all specific as they collaborate with other artistic mediums. Do join us!

This is co-organised by NBDCS, the Arts House and the NUS Literary Society.

Date: 21 Feb 09, Sat

Time: 10.00 am to 5.30pm

Venue: Blue Room @ The Arts House (Old Parliament House)

OOOooh, sounds scandalous! AND it’s a Saturday! How wonderful! I might go to this one since I wanna know who’s doing the talking AND it’s FREEeeeeeee which is lovely. Plus, The Arts House in the City Hall area. Tres convenient! See you guys there if you’re going.

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6 thoughts on “HSWG update! AND info on submitting work, finding literary agents and a writer’s seminar (ALL FREE!)”

  1. Hmm… does this mean that there will be no HSWG on 21st Feb – cos i think that’s the 3rd Sat of the month – yes?No? i’m coming back for CNY & was hoping to meet some of u from NaNo – i don’t think i can afford a whole day seminar thot i would like to – sigh!

  2. Well, there should be but then with the seminar there… I’m not sure! We’ll see first who wants to go to the seminar and those who aren’t so maybe there’ll be a HSWG somewhere at least! Hope you check out updates when they’re up to see then! We’ll know by the 17th at least when we have our first HSWG!

    Ps. In any case, it’s at the Arts House which was where our old write-in areas were! I DO wonder how a full day seminar would be in any case. So I think we’ll also need to know more info on THAT seminar. Maybe there’ll be lunch hour or something.

  3. Oooh update if you see this Sandra! There WILL be a HSWG at Geek Terminal in February in case some people don’t feel like attending the seminar!

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