Da Vinci Exhibition at the Science Centre


The Da Vinci exhibition’s last day is 16 August 2009. It’s at the Annexe Hall in the Science Centre.


The Science Centre always reminds me of The Two Towers somehow. Or the Eye of Sauron. Anyway, onwards I went on a Sunday.


Apparently loads of parents and tourists had the same idea. To think I went there just around noon (it took at least an hour by bus from home to get to the other side of the island)! Anyway, if you’re wanting to get to the exhibition hall, the line at the main entrance of the Science Centre might get pretty crowded.

Skip the main entrance and go to the other entrance which is on the left side from the car park. You can get to the Annexe hall from there and buy the tickets at the counter in front of the exhibition.


Yes, there’s also a little shop of souvenirs just before you enter. Notebooks, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, postcards and a section where you can take your own picture and they’ll photoshop you somehow into the Mona Lisa for a price.


A “Safety” bridge by Leonardo Da Vinci. Apparently it’s a model that enables soldiers to construct a quick usable bridge to cross using spare timber found during the war. Meanwhile, no photography is allowed inside the exhibition.

Let me repeat that.


Okay, coolness if you want a picture of the inventions and all, there’s actually the programme book sold outside the exhibition for $20 (at least to my memory). Or heck, you can go wikipedia or research about him yourself.

How was the exhibition itself?

I went there to see if I’d get inspired or anything like that since I was like amazed and all with the Greek Exhibition ages ago at the museum. Hmmm, this one at the Science Centre was informative but I have to admit, it’s a bit small. Try to get the tours if you can, it’s always funner that way.

It was pretty cool that you could observe what he invented and plotted out! Very steampunk in a way that there were loads of gears involved.

Since I couldn’t take pictures inside, you can check their website for it. However, if you’re buying tickets, you might as well get the package with the Science Centre entry fee. The centre itself is pretty fun to go through after the exhibition!


It’s always fun exploring the Science Centre.


Too bad I was alone, or else I would have tried this out. It’s just a dollar and well, for safety, I didn’t want to do it without someone near me!


The exhibitions are always fun to play with. I had to keep watch on the time because I had other places to go to that day. You can easily spend the whole day there!


On a random note as I went towards the cafe at the Omnimax theatre, I noticed they have a plane?? How interesting…

Anyway remember, the last day is 16th August!

Ticket for adult is $15 but with Science Centre entry, if you want, it’s $16 so you might as well get that.

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