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This is my adventure bag that I usually use when I go out on adventures. Well, it’s either this tanned one or a similar one but in red. The contents are more or less the same except the red one has a thermometer in it for temperature taking at work.

Can you guess what the items above are used for?

Heh, before I get to the answers, let me define an adventure bag. Well, it’s the bag where you stuff in the items before you go out on an adventure (duh).

Many characters in stories have them and heck, in the last book of Harry Potter, Hermione had a bag of holding in which she had plenty of items stored away to be used.

I have my own as you can see above that can be used if I was suddenly in some adventure where I have to rescue a prince, snatch an artifact, solve some mysteries or grab a sandwich.

If you were off to go on a sudden rescue or something, what would you pack? Surely you plan what things your characters would bring when you write but what would you bring in real life?

The answers to my bag:

Umbrella – +2 def for rain and also for use in shooing birds into WW2 German planes along the beach (points if you get this reference).

Sunglasses – With hard case in the back of it to prevent breakage. Use in sunny situations or in jungles and stuff.

Tissue – For whatever use, colds or perspiration.

Dettol hand sanitizer – Original because the other version has aloe vera. To kill germs and stuff.

Buff – For any random thing, it’s a multifunction headgear, mask, wristband, towel, etc. I think I put the ‘e’ on the picture cause it was a Buff e or something. Just ignore the e.

Wristband – I turned it around because it had an obvious logo on it that would say where I got it from. It’s got a mini purse thing in it with some money and a pin just in case.

Vado HD – To capture videos, duh. Would be sad when something awesome happens and you couldn’t record it or anything.

Hershey’s lip balm – Chocolaty goodness for sudden kissage incidents. Okay. So perhaps not. Keeps my lips dry and an alternate, depending on adventure, it could be PLAIN vaseline because vaseline is multipurpose and can use on hands, face, etc for anything even injury things.

Blingy wallet with pink landyard attached – To fish out from the bag since there’s mucho stuff in it. Blingy cause it can get dark and difficult to see if all plain.

Action Heroine’s Handbook – Duh. Has instructions on how to survive or handle situations like running away from fireballs. Tres, tres important.

#$%^ Orange Monologue notebook – Yes, I thought the orange was a #$%^ orange because it’s so freaking loud. To write the adventures in and other stuff. There’s a little envelope thingy at the back of it to stuff in pictures or maps or whatever.

Stuff I didn’t take pics of or are alternate things included:

My camera – Since I was using it to take the picture.

Bottled water – For hydration

Hand towel – Only for really major adventures where I know I’m gonna run a lot

Pen – To write in the book, it’s stuck in my pocket

Keychain with keys – It has a little light sabre sort of light included for me to see in dark places, a foldable scissors to cut things too besides the keys which are heavy and metal. They’re all on a chain where I can swing at a person to use as a weapon if needed. Cardcase of minimoos included too for sudden businessy opportunities.

Card plastic case – For my discount cards and arcade cards etc.

Sanitary pads – For emergencies of anything. They ARE absorbent after all.

Swiss army knife – Added only if I’m going camping or know I need to cut things.

And there you go! That’s mine. Now tell me yours.

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2 thoughts on “My adventure bag”

  1. I have what the boyfriend refers to as The Batman Pack. Inside, I have the various makeup things, ya know, lipstick, eyeliner, mini brush set, blusher, lip gloss, then I have the tissue packets, both wet and dry, feminine products, mirror, comb/brush, plasters and ointment of some sort. That’s just in the small bag and not in the normal big one that I usually carry.

    Big one includes, umbrella, a book, notebook, pen, name cards and camera.

  2. Tweezers to pluck out the hairs on my chin… I always seem to spot them when I’m outside.

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