How I blog…

Just in case anyone’s curious on how I blog, I decide to detail my process on it!

Firstly, as you might see this is foremost a literary blog… but apparently it has my adventures on it. GUESS WHY!

That’s cause in between writing stories and such, well it’s good material, non? I can describe things like how one jumps off a building and swings along on a piece of rope or whatever. These events and adventures are pretty cool and it’s good to know how they work. Like research before you write!

Plus, it’s freaking cool to do things that your characters might do.

Secondly, others might want to know it too! So that’s why I blog. I blog for those who can’t do it because they’re not here or they can’t because they’re unable to for some reason. Or heck mostly for those who want to know.

I like to write events on how it is so that my friends and those who wanted to be there can read it like they’re there or at least generally know what happened.

Okay, now the process on how I do it!

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