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Bang, bang! Or close enough. It’s not a saloon where you lounge through, clinking the spurs of your boots as you sit down by the bar while eyeing the fastest gunmen around. It’s the Story Saloon organized by the Arts House, in partnership by The Book Council, venue supporter by Timbre and is totally a programme of the Singapore international storytelling fest!

What a mouthful but I figured to type it out since I cropped out the actual web poster with their logos.

WHEN is it?

Every first Tuesday at Timbre at The Arts House, 9pm!

Also, it’s FREE.

As usual, click to read the rest of the details if interested!

What’s the programme about?

Calling all storytellers! Let your voice be heard!

Tall tale, short tale – we believe everyone has a tale to tell. It could be about your first date, your boss or even the traffic. Take to the stage and tell a story at Story Saloon on 1 Sept!

You will have five minutes to woo the audience. No reading or ranting please. Bring all your friends because THEY will get to decide who is going to be the next great storyteller of Singapore! Winners from each session will face off in a Grand Final on 26 March 2010. Attractive prizes and dining vouchers from timbre to be won!

Come take part and email your particulars to Follow us on Twitter at and be a fan of Story Saloon on Facebook
The Story Saloon is part of the Singapore International Story Telling Festival
Make a date with Story Saloon! Every first Tuesday 9pm at timbre@The Arts House.


1 September 2009
6 October 2009
3 November 2009
1 December 2009
5 January 2010
2 February 2010
26 March 2010 – Grand Final

This feels so tempting to attend. A game plan could be to watch the FIRST one and then prepare to enter on the later dates but others might be doing the same thing too so entering the first one could have advantages. Hmm… In any case, this promises to be fun!

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2 thoughts on “Story Saloon!”

  1. Interesting the way the google ads pick up on stuff in the post. It’s advertising a true turtle story and a hair salon. Wonder if there’s a story about a turtle in a hairdressers in there somewhere. On the post, Timbre doesn’t ring any bells and 9pm is very late and Tuesday is a week day. I wonder how it will go. 600 words roughly come to 5 minutes.

  2. Yeah… hence I will only pick a proper date if I ever join! I got the same ads shown to me as you! Was very curious about the turtle. Anywho, I haven’t seen Timbre before but it could be (gasp) a hidden cafe or section we haven’t seen before… Or a really new venue at the Arts House.

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