Nanowrimo-ing away, Okay, well not yet

Nanowrimo Stickers

(The stickers are for those who come to the party or write-ins! The badge is mine.)

Quiet once more. Okay so I do have things to post but I am pretty occupied with planning for Nanowrimo anyway. The kick-off party that is. If you guys haven’t known, details are here:

Location: Earshot Cafe, The Arts House (near City Hall MRT)

Date: 31st October, Saturday

Time: 2pm-4pm

Dresscode: Under Cover

Yeah that’s the brief details that you might have read in an earlier post but meanwhile, I’m planning with my other co-ML what to put inside the goodie bags and they’re going to be literally punny.

MEANWHILE, preparations are being done. Wuuuaaargh. Also ideas, plotlines! Stuff! For Nanowrimo in November! If you guys haven’t tried it before, DO IT.

Well, if you like to write stories anyway.


Oh yes, click on that thumbnail for the eposter! Paste it on your blogs, people!

Nanowrimo is the year when you meet the geekiest girls and guys in Singapore or rather, literary geeky ones. It’s like when you meet them at kick-off parties you will be amazed that there are OTHERS like you and that you can get what their saying.

Seriously, it’s like a total Gasp Fest because they can tell what the heck you’re saying about of what you read. I’m not talking about school compulsory literature text, I’m talking about fantasy and science fiction and all that.

People who know what Stephenie Meyer and Eragon is and start laughing insanely at it or know terms such as Mary Sue and other sorts of cabbages and kings!

PLUS, they’re in all ages which is like woaaaah, the saturation of the people being enthusiastic to find other people who just get it, the whole WHY WRITE thing even if we’re (currently) not famous and all and that we just want to do it cause WE WANT TO.

Do not fret if this gasptrocity scares you, there’ll be at least ONE other person who has the same fandom as you if you’re a Nanowrimo-er who comes to the party even if you’re NEW!

So yes. I’m planning things for that kick-off party with Raven Silvers (she’s the other ML this year helping out!)

It shall be funness indeed!

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