And I typed on… Apparently

Screen shot of a line from my Nano

Just so you know, I’m doing Nanowrimo this year and it’s chic-lit. The starting is rubbish and I mean it’s worse than my usual silly ones because I haven’t gotten into the groove of being silly or not taking this thing seriously. I write best when I just write but at the moment, it’s not writing that much since I’m being serious so baaah.

Oh yeah, I installed a new plug in on WordPress and considering that I’m on my eeePC, I don’t have Photoshop on it so I just edited these screens on Paint. Click on the pictures to view it in its original size!

And so I have no idea what I was typing

So yes, apparently I fell asleep when I was typing for the day’s wordcount. I have the vague sense that I knew what I was typing when I was asleep in a way that I felt the spelling and plot progression was right. Awake self says, “No” to non-awake me though.

Got any 9s?

And it goes on from there… Yes. This continues on for about six and a half pages of 9s. I was wondering why on earth did I have 22 pages when my usual word count for around 6000 words would be perhaps half of that. Or maybe around 15 pages or something.

It even actually has an end.

And then somehow, I managed to continue to type after pages of 9s! No, I’m not even sure what I was typing although the end bit of me amused me muchly. A background info though, it IS supposed to be in the first point of view so that much is correct, I suppose.

It's just one word.

Now, thankfully, there were no spaces in between my 9s so yes… Technically it was just one word. Before I slept, I had around 6300 or so words so the rest of the bunch that made up to 6600s was… Well, you can see what it was. I didn’t even take a screen shot of the point where I fell asleep since you can see the logic progression from awake-me to non-awake-me writing. And somehow non-awake-me managed to use word count and update my own account on Nano anyway.

Good grief.

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