Morris Takes A Chance and Rochee the Friendliest Roach!

I got these two children’s books during the Singapore Writer’s Festival months ago. Yeah, I did say I have a backlog of book reviews to post up. Morris Takes A Chance is written and illustrated by Amanda Teow while Rochee the Friendliest Roach is written and also illustrated by Gavin Goo! Heh, these two books had their authors writing and drawing the pictures for the books. Just so you know, I got these two books during their book launch as they were part of the First Time Writers and Illustrators initiative by the MDA. There were other books but I got these two then and they’re both published by the Straits Times Press.

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The Bookfest and of Howl by James Lee

A brief announcement first!


The Bookfest is up at Suntec convention hall this 11 to 20 December from 10 am to 10pm. For those that are Popular, Watson or Maybank card members have an exclusive members’ only night on 10 December from 8.30pm till 11pm. Heh, they’d get a free tote bag and some surprise gift with a minimum of $50 of purchase though and as usual, while stocks last.

Besides the book buying, there’ll be storytelling, book signings, celebrity appearances and such. Just check the exhibition highlights on their official website here.

And now back to your regularly scheduled book review.


I had a double take when I saw this book on the local shelves. For those who don’t know, James Lee is the writer of Mr Midnight. It’s something like a local version of the Goosebumps series.

What made me have another look at it was the tagline.

Love can be deadly

Oh my heck.

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In which we shot a lot.

We're here!

The Singapore Discovery Centre! I went with some other bloggers and some of the Nanowrimo crew on last Saturday there. It was actually easy to get to the place since all we had to do was drop at the last stop of the western side of the green line aka Joo Koon. I always wanted to see what was at Joo Koon and now I know. Anyway, it was just a five or so minutes walk from the station to get there.

Here’s a teaser/trailer for this post. Heh.

So on we went!

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