Hatpy Party!

I got invited to the Year End Blogger Hat-py Party by 24seven!

The dress code was to have a crazy hat! I actually had a bunch of hats at home but I wanted to wear one that I hadn’t premiered in public yet. Thus, I figured which particular hat I wanted to wear at the Singapore Art Museum for the party.

Guest starring: Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel, Tiramisue and Arrch. Even the SAM sign had a hat on so that was conveniently fitting for the evening.

If you checked the 24 seven album on facebook, you might be able to guess who I am. Anyway, we arrived there pretty much on time and yet, there was quite a bunch of people there already!

Heh, heh. This is for those who didn’t bring a hat and they needed to wear it if so.

Even though we got there early-ish, it was somewhat late for some and Claudia let us hit the buffet tables! I really liked the potatoes.

As we sat there, we did get to meet with some people and took pictures. For those who saw my hat, heh I had strategic buttons on it. If they recognize what it meant, that means I knew where they were from, which totally worked by the way. Meanwhile, we discussed how it would be like to climb to the second floor if we were in Assassin’s Creed mode or if I were Lara Croft, I’d climb the tree and backflip to get the grip on the building before climbing up on the grooves.

After eating, we were ushered into the glass gallery for the welcome speech and briefing on the games we would have. Basically, the instructions were on the back of our invites and we were to take pictures of some of the art in the gallery and send it to a specific email of 24seven’s. Considering my crew didn’t all have internet/photo enabled phones, we strategized how to do this.

And then hecked it when we rushed to the gallery and went around looking at the artwork.

Here’s Arrch using a loaner phone, a Samsung Pixon12 from 24seven. He had to return it after the games of course. An example of one of the task was to take a pic of your fav artwork in the gallery.

After all the picture taking/cam whoring we got back into the glass gallery area and sat on the floor since it was lucky draw times! The first round, Jo won a notebook! Oh and the craziest hat winner was the lady with the viking hat.

After a few prizes, Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee played some songs (I didn’t post a pic of OAC cause they were blur). Both of the bands were really good so that was cool.

Songs were played and sung, then we had a bingo game. It was amusing and we were trying to get full house aka all the numbers down since the bingo was won already. Blaaar, just a few more! After that, it was the lucky draw for the rest of the prizes! YES, with the rest of my peeps, Tiramisue won a notebook with a pair of Megazip tickets, utterly cool since we’d go ADVENTUUUURE for that and I won a $100 voucher from The Lens Men. We swapped cause I’m more notebookish and ADVENTUUUURE while she would be able to use it for contact lenses. Besides, I’d be bringing her along for Megazip anyway.

And guess what.

Jo won the first prize aka the Samsung pixon12.

Actually, as the numbers were slowly read out, there was a quiet pause when we heard it.

“HAH?!” said Jo and we all burst into laughter as she got up from the floor to receive her prize!

Hurray, hurray! And that was it. The party was over, we camwhored a lot more, said goodbye to the organizers and bust out of the SAM! As we went out, the lights were being screened onto the building. A multitude of cool colours swirling around on the exterior.

And I thought it was a beautiful warning.

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