Mitch Albom in Singapore!

Newsflash: Apparently not everyone got the eflyer etc about this but anyway, catch Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet In Heaven and more on 26th February (day of this post):

Location: {prologue} Ion Orchard level 4

Time: 1pm

Also, if you’re the first 50 people from 12pm, you get a complementary {prologue} welcome pack (ONLY with proof of purchase of his books from any Popular/Harris/{prologue} store). Also enjoy 20% discount of his books OR get a 2 for 1 for these titles: The Five People You Mean In Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie and For One More Day. ONLY on the 26th Feb.

Can’t come in the afternoon due to work? IT’S OK.

Catch him at:

Location: Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City

Time: 7pm

EDIT: TOUGH LUCK! The sources said it was yesterday and they sent out the wrong info. SO, just 1pm today only!

That’s it for the 26th. If he has any other appearances after this date, well it’s probably for private events or something around here.

Science Chronicles: Sci-Fi writing competition

Hullo, hullo indeed! Science Chronicles 2010 is a science fiction writing competition! Only thing is that it’s not for everyone but more for students. Nonetheless, if you’re 18 and under and currently in Singapore, check it out! Oh, currently it says nothing about poly students but we’ll see since I hit them up with a question on that. Deadline is 11 April 2010.

There’s 2 categories for students to be exact. They are:

Category A:

  • Secondary 3 and 4 students
  • IP schools year 3 and 4 students
  • 15-16 years of age international students studying in Singapore

Category B:

  • Junior College 1 and 2 students
  • IP schools year 5 and 6 students
  • 17-18 years of age international students studying in Singapore

Here’s the brief rules/outlines. For more details check their website here.

EDIT: Polytechnic students are qualified to enter this! They replied to me via email so just make sure which age category you’re in.

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Books I’ve read so far

This is pretty much a list of books I’ve read so far. At least from what I remember since I figured I might as well see what books I read in a year. There’s a meme going on back then in my friends list in another online blog about reading 100 books in a year but I definitely went over that.

Too many books to hotlink to their amazon/author pages so just check it out on your own if you think it looks interesting. This is just a list, not a review but if you want to know more, you can always comment to ask about any of the specific titles.

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SDS 1.6 – Please Mr Postman

This was a slightly impromptu adventure. Well, in reality, it was just after episode 1.5 of SDS since it was the same day. Heh. We were heading towards Rowell Road to check out the Post Museum there (exact address is 107/109 Rowell Road). It’s not really a museum but more of a building with independent arty stuff or whatever events that decide to rent the exhibition area for the day.

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The Tooth Fairy Maths

And so, last Friday I got my wisdom teeth removed and this coming Friday, I’ll get the stitches – unstitched!

Alright, this is going to be wordy and descriptive since obviously I can’t take that many photos while I’m unconscious and all! Also, I know there’s people googling “wisdom tooth removal in Singapore” and getting a few posts on the experience itself. Of course, there’s lots out there about the procedure and medical stuff anyway.

First, I’ll give you a bit of back story on how I got to Changi General Hospital or rather what the prices are like. Firstly, I got referred at a polyclinic. My ear was blocking up somehow cause of the headaches and stuff of the wisdom tooth ache and thus, I got ear drops for it but the main point of the visit at a POLYCLINIC was to get a referred consultation for my wisdom tooth! Time check: My polyclinic visit was in very late November, around the last week or so.

See, if you get referred, you get it at a lower price, just that you have to wait! My FIRST consultation was around 1-2 weeks after the polyclinic visit. That’s just consultation you see in which I ended up going to Changi General Hospital (we preferred there cause it was closer to my home and I like the service) to the dental clinic and got X-rayed.

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In which I wanted some redbush tea!

Location: The Multipurpose Room of the National Library.

Equipment: A digital camera, 2 books from the library itself, 1 book by Alexander McCall Smith and a ukulele.

No, I wasn’t planning on performing a song for him nor that I was going to borrow books but hey, I was early for the session and found myself borrowing some fantasy books there. After all, it is the library. And oh, the ukulele was cause I had gone to the music store at Bras Basah, next door to it.

So as it so happens, I ended up with the ukulele and the 2 extra books besides my original intent in bringing only the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency book by him. The session was organized by the Penguin Books people and thus, they were quickly setting up things when it was just around 6pm when the actually session started at about 7pm.

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SDS 1.5 – Glamorous Sky

It was Singapore’s 3rd International Kite Day (and Teens’ day) at Punggol on the 30th and 31st of January. On the Friday before that, I wanted to buy a ticket for the event but alas, it was sold out at the community centre. OH WELL. Nonetheless, they told me I could buy a ticket at the event itself! So that’s alright. Guest starring: Avariel and Miz Divine (plus boyfriend)!

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Commercial Break.

Hello fellow readers!

I’d probably have my Sarah Does Singapore post done up tonight so it’s scheduled to post itself on Monday but just a little notice as it will get slow for this week or so. I’ve actually got a draft of episode 2 for Versus Undead but it’s been stalling because of a certain factor that has been plaguing me since late last year!


With that said, it’s under general anesthesia and I’ll post on it under my Random Encounters section or SDS. I haven’t figured which cause it’s like an adventure.

A really hurty one.

Eh, I’ll figure out which since there’s people curious on how it’s like and all too. One of the main factors is that one must have cute underwear. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS, I HAD TO FIND OUT MYSELF.

Also, in lieu of flowers/hunks/bikini babes with buckets of ice cream/etc to comfort me, you can buy Happiness at the End of the World either at Orchard Kino or via the publisher and take a picture of you with the book! (Hint: Buying online is cheaper and you get it shipped to you too but you need paypal for it.)