SDS 1.6 – Please Mr Postman

This was a slightly impromptu adventure. Well, in reality, it was just after episode 1.5 of SDS since it was the same day. Heh. We were heading towards Rowell Road to check out the Post Museum there (exact address is 107/109 Rowell Road). It’s not really a museum but more of a building with independent arty stuff or whatever events that decide to rent the exhibition area for the day.

It was quite a walk since from Farrer Park MRT station, we needed to get to the other end of Rowell Road. Like REALLY the other end. It’s not that far but eh… There’s quite a few interesting sites there and stuff that we didn’t know about that would actually appear in the afternoon. Um, indeed.

Anyway it was the Really Really Free Market day at the Post Museum. It was like a flee market but free! As in really, EVERYTHING was free there.

It depended on who contributed with the free stuff. There were books, clothes, manga… Etc. Also free organic toothpaste and coffee.

You could actually contribute too in giving away things you don’t need that are still good to use. We pretty much took the toothpaste given to use including the jars of coffee and I took a Harry Potter bookmark somewhere from in the room.

If you went even further in, there were tarot services, a person teaching Weiqi and a health screening. It was very bohemian in a way. It was interesting, we haven’t been to places like these before. In any case, we wanted to hit the cafe since it was a pretty hot day and we needed drinks!

It’s just next door really. After we took some stuff from the free market (and donated to the jar thing near the door) we got a table at Food#03, it’s a vegetarian/vegan cafe.

Mintea and Raven figuring out what to get while Avariel and I are sitting opposite them. Heh, in the end we got the house tea which tastes pretty interesting in a minty/lemongrassy way with a lychee in it. After that, we ordered Bundaberg’s lemon and bitters except a ginger beer for Mintea. We totally camwhored here. They two of them are looking nonchalantly cause I asked them to and it didn’t look like Singapore when you were in the cafe. It’s just totally… THE PLACE for artists and stuff like that!

Since we freaking walked all the way and did want to sit down for quite a bit to check the place out, we ordered a grilled vege pizza with vegan tofu topping instead of mozzarella. It’s really yummy and sheesh, the rest didn’t try out tasty vegan food until now. WELL, now they have! It’s quite good and oh… The main reason to scope out the place? It’s to check out the studio area since they’re leasing it out for rental. However, you need to have an appointment to check that out. Nonetheless, we also wanted to know the exhibit area since THAT one is pretty cheap rental and would be good for book launches and other stuff too! So yesss, support this place, pleaaase since it’s so cool and I don’t want it to disappear! It’s held up by donations and stuff currently so yeah, have a little visit to the cafe. It’s like something out of an indie movie.

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