Reaction Shots! Episode 1.7

If you want to not be addicted or jump in before they launch a major story line, this issue is the one to jump on. Out of the stack for this week’s shipment, this comic got the most reaction shot out of me.

  • X-men Legacy #234

Let’s get on with the fangirling! For one thing, everyone should know I’m a total Rogue fan so this issue is very fun

How do I start this!? This issue is totally for Rogue fans and in a way it was not so serious drama drama like how the X-men can get because it’s a brief interlude after their fights with… ok a whole bunch of people and this is their “quiet” resting time for now. However, the cuckoos need Rogue’s help to take away their powers for just a bit so they can search for the Phoenix Force that disappeared and hid somewhere.

Brief summary, Rogue accepted a position where she could help the new students at this new “mansion” of sorts. I won’t call this a mansion since it feels much more but anyway, it’s their academy of sorts. So anywho, Rogue got to have psychic powers for this issue for a bit while the cuckoos work their thing. They’re the bitchy blonde ladies if you can’t tell.

So Rogue goes on her way after that until she’s called back later or whatever. Meanwhile, she hears something in French and we should know who that is. Remyyyyyyyy. Somehow she hears something else hidden in his mind in which he says “What, again?” since yeah, it’s not new to them. However, she’s not forcing him but just asking him to get someone to look at him since hey, it’s Remy and Rogue knows how stubborn he can be and it is not the first time anyway.

And then they get into the whole Rogue avoiding Remy thing because she needs to learn to control her powers once more after the Prof fixed her again.

As you can see, she doesn’t want to avoid Remy but she so totally associates him with the lack of control and goes on a total fantasy spree in her mind… BUT WOAH, wait a minute! She’s still got psychic powers from the cuckoos so WHOOPS? She just broadcasted the whole thing to everyone?!

I don’t know if this page wins over the Buffy issue where Buffy dreaming of Spike and Angel with the whole nurse get up and random cupids and all. This page is certainly a contender for one of the most embarrasing thoughts to be broadcasted though!

You had to see her reaction when Remy told her to stop, it was so freaking cute.

Anywho, off she goes to find Magneto since she needed to talk to him about him messing with Surge’s powers. Which he was anyway. And oh does Magneto always have to do the floaty crotch thrust thing or is it just to show off to Rogue huh? Probably he just likes to do it anyway. La la la, DARN YOU PSYCHIC POWERS! Rogue gets to feel how Magneto feels about her and it’s doing a looping feedback thing so she likes him when it’s actually him liking her and you know, loop.

Free kisses to Mags I guess. She got pissy about it nonetheless once she realized what happened and turned off the emphatic part and huffed away. This is soooo totally for the Rogue/Magneto fans. The one before that was so for Rogue/Remy which I totally approve!

Really, she’s like a guidance counselor.

Maybe if it were Jean or whoever, they might be too prissy and be all “Oh noes, I’m invading someone’s thoughts! I must angst now for I am invading their privacy!” but no, not Rogue. She’s just going all along fine since it’s not as if she can help it.

Not much of a difference from all the voices in her head long ago anywho. So taking advantage of her brief powers, she goes on and advises some students that seem to be having trouble and… Woah there, I think there might be a future appearance of some stalker in the future.

For a girl who couldn’t be touched, she certainly touched a lot of people’s hearts.


We don’t know who the mystery thought voice is so perhaps in future issues. For now, Rogue returns back to the cuckoos who failed in finding the Phoenix Force and they take their powers back and hurray, all is back to normal.

For now.

Kyaaaaaa~~ Blatant Rogue-ism for this issue! I like it!

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