Meowy! Meowy!

There’s a quote about cats and writers that I can’t remember but behind every writer that’s a cat or something like that. Well, at least I know most of the award winning writers have cats so HMM. Clearly I need one too.

Well, I can’t have one so instead, I have a rental cat.


So it’s not really a rental cat. It’s more of a community cat! A stray kitty that’s not really that stray because in the dictionary it says stray is:

  • a domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner
  • any homeless or friendless person or animal

For one thing, since when cats have owners? Ok, you can say you own a cat but they technically own you in a way and besides this kitty isn’t friendless! It has meeeeeeeeeeee and whoever else! That picture was taken last year in December near Christmas. Note the black and tabby! Also this was before my old camera died hence the quality!

To quote myself on the 3rd of March (yes, I had a kitty progress report thing I did for myself), I wrote:

Some day I shall be able to pet them without them running awaaaaay.

I kept approaching them but they kept staring at me and then ran away.

Something like this minus the biting. Aaaaaaaah.

This is on the 6th March. I only get to see them in the evening and in that week I was busy with stuff. I didn’t get too near them because I knew they’d run away but I asked them to look at me. LOOK AT MEEEEEE. Instead, they kept looking away when I wanted to take a picture.

And the 10th. Gee.

Meanwhile, tabby is more skittish than black kitty. Black kitty would just stare at me but tabby will run away first and then black kitty follows.

Cat Song by sarahcoldheart

I even did a little song since it was like everyone was having a kitty on facebook. Well, even before facebook I still like kitties but it was an odd influx of sudden kitty ownership which was nice since they were the adopted type and not the bought from a shop type. I wonder if Duke Orange had something to do with it since he’s the leading example of being an office cat.

AND THEN ONE DAY BLACK KITTY APPROACHED ME. HUAAARGH. HUAAAAAAAARGH! This was some time in April! I was going AAAAAAH! In my mind obviously since I didn’t want to freak kitty out. It was like this minus the Japanese, Portuguese subtitles, school uniform and rolling! SO PROBABLY NOTHING LIKE THAT AT ALL.

Tabby kitty is still a scaredy cat so once tabby freaked out, black kitty freaked out too even though the previous day she let me pet her.

And this was yesterday. I still can’t approach tabby kitty but black kitty comes to me! A short video because one can’t pet and record at the same time! Yes, I call her Didi. People online would have known me lamenting on my kitty progress so now YOU the reader know too! Some day I’ll be able to pet tabby kitty, I guess. Didi is VERY meowy, just so you know and likes to rub against corner of walls while wanting me to pet her YET walks away. So I have to follow her???

Ma says there’s another cat but that always appears rarely. It’s a super fluffy calico that she calls skater cat because it is super skittish. Whenever it sees anyone, it runs away and can’t stop. Hence it skids on the floor instead like some Tokyo Drift Kitty. Yesss, there’s lots of kitties in my block but I can’t pet them since they run awaaay. I only get to with black kitty!

I managed to meet the cat patron lady of my area yesterday and learned that there were actually 3 black kitties around! One of them is a big one they’re trying to catch to sterilize because she keeps getting with kittens. I WONDER if it’s the super fluffy one I saw before.

That had also entered my house.

I didn’t see her again but she’s like a model, she struts around like she’s all that and one day she entered my house, stared at me since I was in the kitchen and walked into the living room. In which I said, “Pa. I think a cat just walked in”. Naturally he shoo-ed her away. It was more of him waving at her and telling her to get out but she just looked at him and walked out of the house as if it was her idea to get out.

ANYWHOOOOO, also because of Duke Orange and lots of linkage due to video streaming channels and cats, I FOUND OUT ABOUT UBI KUCHING! Since I can’t have a cat (we have fish at home and they’re not in a tiny tank, they’re in a pond water feature thingy) for NOW, I figure I still can help? YES? YES?

Of course, I do know about Cat Welfare and do know what they’re doing and help donate when I can. (I LIKE PRESSING THE AXS MACHINE BUTTONS. You can donate from there!)

But Ubi Kuching is like the kitties in my area! Well to be specific, I moved away from Ubi in secondary school but I moved to… Well, it’s actually just to the border of Ubi so it’s still freaking close. Not specifying in case of creepy people but still, Ubi kitties are the kitties I meet and get to pet when I jog down in uh, Ubi.

They don’t run away as much as my block’s kitties.

SO YES. If you’re wanting a kitty, don’t get it from a store. There’s still so maaaaaaany that need to be adopted out there from foster homes. Just check either Cat Welfare or Ubi Kuching! I can’t have a kitty (for now) but I can donate as if I had a kitty!


Like, if one kitty costs this much a month to feed and take care of, I will donate perhaps that much a month then. Thus, in the end it all goes to the kitties so yaaaaaaaaay. Cause you see, you need to get them sterilized and stuff and well, you should read more faq on Cat Welfare or Ubi Kuching on what they do. They say it more sensibly than me since I’d just go “AHHH THE KITTIESSS, WE MUST HELP THEEEM” in a non-comprehensible way.

Like kitties? Check them out!

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