Sarah Does Singapore – Season 1 Finale

25 episodes of adventures. Good grief. Let’s have a recap on what they are! Or rather, let’s do the Playlist. Heh. It started with the prologue but the real episodes were after it. No, this isn’t the end of it. We’ll be in season 2 next week. So yess. Let’s check it out. Each episode title was actually a song title which had a theme to the episode. For those who didn’t know the singers or bands, now you get to know where they’re from!

The Playlist

That is a freaking long list. With all those adventures in season 1, most of us have learned that we’re pretty much crap at most activities except those with weapons. And that we always get into the wrong direction somehow. Thank goodness one of us always has an iPhone to check out directions?

Who are the usual cast?

The Adventure Crew: Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and Mintea

We usually get bonus characters like Tiramisue, Arrch, 4dPencil, Mintea’s sisters and friends etc. There’s a lot more but I don’t usually put their urls up in brief cameos here due to privacy etc etc.

Another fun fact that even if we have those episodes above, we actually went to a whole lot more where it was either not posted because it was a bit random or we decided to save it for another day but the episode got switched with a more time based sensitive one.

For example, there was a post on Manhattan Fish Market but eh, I got something more exciting instead to write on.

Or that some of these adventures were too minor to be put on here and instead were posted somewhere else such as cycling which was in the list of things to do but I’ll “replace” it with a more extreme version of cycling in future episodes.

Or some weren’t written online at all because I’m plotting to have these “side quests” to be a print only exclusive. Really, there’s quite a few very interesting side quests and commentary. Those are definitely going to be included if I do a short small run of the print version of SDS. Heck, a print version would be a more wordy version of all the adventures if you thought this was wordy. Also, more pictures too. Heh, I have tons of pictures as compared to what’s posted here.

Or some side quests weren’t on weekends but in evenings! For those who don’t know, I have taken up the ukulele because they’re small and easy to carry around compared to a guitar so one can bust out in random songs anywhere. Some of us went to the Uke Got Talent II at 15 Minutes Cafe organized by Ukulele Movement.

In summary, season 1? We learned that we got lost a lot, we walked a lot AND THAT WE HAVEN’T BEEN TO MOST OF THE COMMERCIAL TOURISTY PLACES YET.

It’s been 25 episodes and so much for Singapore being a so called boring place with nothing to do.

We hope to get to the usual touristy places because they’re pretty fun, like the zoo but hopefully we can since lately our adventures have taken a turn to wonder about the public transport and stuff due to floodings, bridges falling down, automated teller machines erroring?

I don’t know, things that aren’t within our control.

In any case, check out the future adventures. Know anyone wanting to visit Singapore and have no idea what to do? Just check my series out. Most of these are pretty cheap or free. Or want to know what the future episodes are going to be about? You can join the mailing list to just know. Spread the link of the series! It’s so weird when we post on the fun stuff here first and then get to see the same places in the local newspaper on where we went a week or so after.

A hint? For October we might be doing this.

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