Chronicles of a Daywalker – Blood on the Moon

When I saw “Blood on the Moon” by S.M. De Silva, I thought, “Oooh, a vampire story. This looks interesting” for the last local vampire book I read was pretty fun. (You can read preview chapters of Blood on the Moon on their website, by the way.) Plus, I like to support genre fiction especially local ones here since there isn’t too many!

And then I read it and huh.

Before I start this review, I want to make sure that all of you know that this is entirely my opinion and that seriously, it is just mine and I might not be the target audience for this book.

Heck, I’m not exactly sure who the target audience for this book is for either.

But all of you get it? This is just mine and by now, you lot might know what sort of stories I like so consider this as a disclaimer of sorts. For even if you read my review and then read the book, you might think, “What the heck is Sarah talking about? This is gorgeous!”. So take this review with a pinch or a truckload of salt enough to give you high blood pressure.

And so I begin.

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Newsflash: City Hall and former Supreme Court tours open!


More there’s more slots for guided tours for the old supreme court (or former supreme court as some might say!) and city hall! Yeah, I know some of you might wonder why is city hall called city hall… Well, the building next to the supreme court is the ACTUAL city hall, thus that’s why the area is called, uh that.

Here’s the info!

16-17th Oct of Guided Tours for the TNAGS Open House.

If you didn’t get to sign up for the previous one. DO IT NOW. Sign up online at HERE! Ok that’s the main site for you to check EVERYTHING. However, if you check what’s happening etc etc. You’ll end up at the guided tours booking form!

I know my random encounter post whet the appetites of some adventurers and historians that read it since it was a post to know how the area was like and for those who couldn’t. It was a “Lookie here” archival post instead of my usual go do it since I knew there was limited space. HOWEVER, now you can check it out yourself.  SO, go forth and sign up!