SDS 2.14 – Circles

One every first weekend of the Red Dot Museum, there is the MAAD flea market which is the Market of Artist and Designers. This weekend however was Children’s Day weekend so it had some extra activities too.

The line up! We’re going to do the umbrella painting cause that sounds fun.

Oh yes, there’s stalls selling artwork, jewellery, soft toys and pretty much pretty trinkets and notebooks too.

More art stalls when you enter! From here, you can see the other attendees having cameras themselves and shooting every other thing there. I think there was a trip by La Salle students that day too since the place had an exhibition on household products.

There was a little exhibition of photos taken from the iPhone. I liked one of them that had a somewhat vintage yet modern sci-fi feel to it.

It’s definitely an arty place, just don’t trip over some exhibits or anything like that, ok?

If you have time, you can sit in and pose for the OIC artists. They’ll sketch you and at the end of your session, you can pick any that they hang up and pay for your drawing if you want it! Different artists, different styles so you can certainly have a range to choose from.

After buying some stuff like tiny clockwork necklaces and other art things, we went to the umbrella painting area!

So it was just $10 and we could go crazy on the umbrellas with the paint. Just that we mustn’t put too much paint on it or else it’ll dry slowly or it’ll run off. There were other workshops too like making a soft toy or a silver ring making one for the next day. We chose this one because our soft toy sewing skills are dubious and we didn’t have that many hours to stick around anyway.

And so we painted! It was fun sitting there and painting on our umbrellas with acrylic paint. People can by and took pictures as they are wont to do with cameras in an arty place. Yeah.

Which is silly because we aren’t professional painters like the OIC who were on the other side sketching people. So we painted and drew silliness.

The front three were ours. The back ones are done by some other artists earlier in the day, hahahha. We left it there to dry and went around the flea market once more.

This is for those curious on what on earth did I draw on my umbrella. See, if you hold it up against the rain, you’re usually holding it up on your head in a way. So, go figure how it looks in action! Heh.

With last minute purchases and look see-s, we collected our umbrellas and went out in the sun! Just to make sure it really dried. It did, by the way but wooh, the MAAD market indeed.

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