The line up!

Here’s the line up guys. (For the official poster of the event, click here.)

National Library, Multipurpose room (basement 1) at 6.30pm (till 8.30pm)

The theme: Superheroes (people are gonna dress to the theme so don’t get freaked out, you’re at the right place!)

Anyone can leave before 8.30pm but that’s the maximum time slot we can be there because the library would close soon after.

Who should come?

  • Nanowrimo-ers
  • Readers and writers
  • Comic fans and geeks

First we’ll have the Nanowrimo kick off! Things start at 6.30pm and all and it’ll lead on towards the mini launching of Bubble G.U.M (because some of us Nanowrimo-ers wrote it)! The book is just $15 just for the launch. You guys will want to buy it there because when it gets stocked at Kino or any other store, they’ll put GST and everything on it which could get the book priced above $19 or something. (We’ll have our previous publication Happiness at the End of the World there at $15 too.)

After the mini launch, we would end the main Nanowrimo events but stay to talk to each other and have our cake while we discuss on the evening’s theme of graphic novels and of speculative fiction in it! They’re related since graphic novels ARE a graphic form of speculative fiction. Batman, Superman, Powergirl and much more! If you’re there just for the discussion, come around 7.20pm! Our main programme isn’t going to be that long, the kick off is more for people to know each other and what they’re writing and reading anyway!

Getting there:

Ok. It’s the main library that’s in between Bugis and City Hall MRT. Ride the escalator down to the basement and once you get into the fiction section there, head on over to the comics shelf and there past that, you’ll find a door with the words “Multipurpose Room” on top.

What is this Bubble G.U.M?

It’s a futuristic science fiction story happening in Singapore when both boys and girls have to serve National Service. In 2045, we meet Prix (in the future, they call each other by their online names) and her other friends as they embark on an adventure off the main island of Singapore (that is protected by a dome made of bubble gum – you’ll learn why in the book) and stumble upon a plot while doing their NS.

Mutant sea bass, talking dolphins and the speak good English campaign causing everyone in the future not to understand Singlish and bikinis, oh my!

Well, you guys will get to know more at the launch, won’t you?

Ps. This is the official poster of the event if you want to spread it around!

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3 thoughts on “The line up!”

  1. Hi, apologies but could i rsvp here? I’ve been trying madly to sign into my nanowrimo account but it’s simply not working, so as i’m desperate, i hope that you won’t mind me rsvp-ing here. i’d be coming, with the vat of weirdness i bring with me wherever i go, and a friend.

    Thank you!

    *my nanowrimo account name’s blacklilac

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