SDS 2.15 – More Than Words

The crew went to the former supreme court where I would still call the old supreme court for BarCamp SG 6!

It was also the same weekend when they had the open house since the old supreme court is to be converted into The National Art Gallery (TNAGS).

So what is the BarCamp?

A barcamp is an informal gathering of people interested in startups, technology, education, media, travel and popular culture. We talk about the projects we are working on and try to learn from each other.

Or so that’s what it says on their website. It happens pretty much around the world and this time, we were having it on the weekend of the 9th and 10th October. Super fancy place for barcamp, heh.

While the guided tours for the open house started pretty early, the actual barcamp started around 11am. The TNAGS staff were on hand to help out and point out which rooms were for barcamp and to hand out t-shirts (ours were black polos with BarCamp SG on it)! The freaking pink TNAGS t-shirts are so cool though! I don’t usually see freaking pink for guides and whatnot.

Ok, so we grabbed our free t-shirts, checked out the schedule of what topics were happening in which room and at what time. Oh yes, we did a few presentations, one of which was on Nanowrimo. That was cool since we got to meet other web fictioneers.

The first session we went was by Michael Lim about motion comics. If you haven’t read about the crew before this, we do read quite a bit of comics. The fun thing about barcamp (a side effect, really) was that it made people want to get ipads for there was a lot of them in their own different cases (including mine) being used by people. Really, it was easy to bring an ipad for a conference like this.

Anywho, the session about motion comics was interesting. Made me think that I’d like to try to audition for the voices if it was possible since they do have audio in it.

After the first session we took a break because the next topic we were interested in was going to be an hour and a half later. Besides the barcamp and TNAGS open house, there was a flea market and the OIC people were there too for portrait day. We ate some curry puffs, samosas with iced lime juice and bought some badges and other assorted things.

So we went for some more sessions and also stayed for the TNAG’s presentation (they were before our Nano one in the same room) about what was going to happen there.

He was saying about the museum’s outreach programmes and the people who helped give input where at one point we went !!! for it was us! It was the art museum in which we had the Hatpy party.

So that was fun. We got to learn more things and oh since we did sign up for the open house guided tours the next day, we did pop by barcamp after we had our tour. Just for a look see and listen before going off.

Before we went however, we were hunting down for the elusive Milo truck! It was nearly out of Milo but we got it! HO HO HO HO!

Yes, hurray for free Milo! They come best in a truck and from the source themselves! The mix they do is just lovely. Anyone can make Milo but the Milo truck’s Milo is one of the best possible combination of water/milk/Milo.

Overall, the barcamp was a fun experience. You got to listen to presentations and our Nano presentation was a last minute one but hey, we had access to the internets and had netbooks (and ipads) to make it possible to do one up quickly. Woooh. Attend to one if it’s happening near you since it’s certainly an educational experience.

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