SDS 2.16 – Falling for You

And we face the wall once more! The first time we came here was in season 1’s episode two in which we climbed the Via Ferrata! This time Border X at Orchard Central has abseiling available! If you topped up $10 more, you could have climbed the wall and abseiled down. However, we were there to just abseil since it wasn’t available when the place was just starting out.

Apparently, before I told that this was an actual rock wall and of my adventures there, other people thought it was some artistic sculpture that was like the ones hanging around the wall.


Well now you guys know it is a rock wall that you can climb on!

It’s simple enough, you get briefed on what to do and then you just… Get down by letting go!

Letting go for 8 floors high… You can control your descent so you could say hello to the people at the Japanese restaurant too since they always look up to see people climbing/abseiling there. Plus, random people below will also take pictures since they don’t know you could go up and down the wall.

Border X is on the 4th floor, past Gelare and the one with the Prana store. It’s the store with the yoga and climbing gear. On a different note, it is also the floor with the heated and electronic Japanese styled toilets!

So thus, you do it like so. It’s not really scary compared to going up the Via Ferrata! Still, you might freak out when you’re just at the ledge and wonder what and why are you even doing this. Once you get past the ledge, you’re smooth sailing all the way!

This was one of the least strenuous adventures since we didn’t climb up and instead took the lift via a secret access way to get down via a rope. Wooooo! Ok, next time I want to do Via Ferrata plus abseiling in a combo. We didn’t have that much time that weekend to do both!

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