Survival tips for STGCC 2010

Woo, ok. Another in my series of STGCC posts before it hits December!

Haven’t been to STGCC before? Fret not, here’s a recap of what happened last year in my summary post! Yeah, I got to go the conferences last year since I managed to go for “my work”. It was semi related anyway. If you’re too busy to read the post, the video pretty much recaps last year!

Yes, lots of people. Art. Cosplayers. Games. Etc. Much fun! Ok but there are rules to have fun at the convention. If you want a fun time, read my pointers of do-s and don’ts!

To have fun, this post is gonna be SRS BISNEZZZ about knowing what to do especially for those who are flying in to Singapore for it! Although STGCC isn’t as big as NYCC or SDCC, it’s always good to know the locale and culture about it here, eh? This post is assuming you have bought tickets etc so it’s more of how do you get there and do what?

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The back story! Sorta.

Hurray! Singapore Toys, Games, Comics Convention is happening on the 10th December till 12th December this year. Before I do my flashback of 2009’s STGCC, I’m gonna do a series of posts for this. Well, just three or four before the day hits!

Did you know I was part of the semi-secret focus group for 2010’s STGCC? WELL NOW YOU KNOW. I said semi-secret cause they told us we shouldn’t blog about it until they confirmed things etc but we could just that they wouldn’t confirm it etc. Mind you, this was since MARCH so I’m like, “YES, YES. I CAN FINALLY SAY IT HAH!!!”.

This is gonna be a me-centric post in which I am wondering if I am an enabler or the fault of some of the events there… D:

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Back to the past! AGAIN!

Or in other words, to the old aka former supreme court once more! Remember how I went up to the freaking roof? This time I AM GOING DOWN DEEP BELOW! We’re going artifact hunting!

Ok, not too deep, I think but yes! Time to be Lara Croft or Indiana Jones! Or well, not really. I don’t think there are hidden tunnels or portals at the site of the future National Art Gallery. Nonetheless instead of just viewing historical artifacts in the museums and such, why not have a go at finding them? Volunteers are needed for the month of November!

Call for Volunteers: Archaeological Excavations at National Art Gallery 2nd-30th November 2010

Archaeologists from the Southeast Asian Studies Programme NUS will be undertaking a major excavation project at the future site of the National Art Gallery (the former Supreme Court and City Hall), right in the heart of downtown Singapore!

We will be excavating for remains of the legendary settlement of Temasek (c.1300s). Our last evaluation field work conducted in January 2010 revealed significant pockets of artifacts from the ancient city, and this November season we expect to uncover more.

Venue: Site of the future National Art Gallery (car park between the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings)
Street Address: 1 St.Andrew’s Road
Dates: 2nd – 30th November 2010
Hours: 0930 – 1830hrs
Work Days: Tuesday thru Sundays (Mondays off – apart from this rest day, we work through all other days rain and shine)

Do be advised that archaeology is a physically demanding affair, and you should not be afraid to get a little dirty at the end of the day. Do wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Bring along sunblock, a hat, a water flask (we have a large capacity insulator on site which is always filled with iced water), and if you like a change of clothes at the end of the day.


If you want to be part of the crew, you can contact Shien at the Southeast Asian Archaeology website here or email him at shien(at)seaarchaeology(dot)com. They need volunteers and they have a roster so please email him to know when you can do so! And this would be very fun experience to learn more on how finding pieces of history and such! I am talking in exclamations!

SDS 2.17 – Misery Business

And so the 30th October was the kick off party for Nanowrimo in Singapore! It was at the multipurpose room of the national library. Most people ask why do Nanowrimo since you have to write at least 50k in 30 days well… That is pretty much the point! For others it’s a daunting task, to writers it is fun!

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