SDS 2.18 – Memories

Does the sign look somewhat familiar in its orangeness?

If you can’t tell, it’s Duke Orange’s office! He had a party on Halloween for stray kitties and whatnot! Or rather, his minion was!

The crew decided for that weekend to celebrate Halloween with his grace, Duke Orange. He is as soft and as fuzzy as he looks. So, so soft! Meanwhile, we registered ourselves to get our name tags and goody bags!

In it was a magnetic button thing and other Duke Orangey things that I forgot! However, I remembered that there was a piece of a photograph of him inside for a puzzle!

Meanwhile, everyone launched themselves at the food. A very good variety of it and there was freshly squeezed orange juice with soda. Heh.

Meanwhile, Ami aka the minion told us what to do with the photo pieces in our bags! On a very different note, we found her boots very fetching. Anyway with the photo pieces,  we were to match them up with the others there! Thus, we needed to talk with one another. Gasp! Socialization!

Thus, people went around talking/shouting out for pieces. It was rather fun since everyone was pretty friendly and all liked Duke! Meanwhile, in between photo piece finding, we ate the snacks and checked out where he lived. It’s a very pleasant office and since there were lots of people, Duke slunk away from them to rest as he was given a lot of attention and sayangs. Two of our adventure crew decided to wave enthusiastically in front of the camera since there was live streaming of the party.

But yes, he went to slink off for a bit of a rest while adoring fans took pictures of him outside the tent, not wanting to disturb him (yet).

Besides the games and fund raising for stray kitties (since the monies would go to Cat Welfare and other kitty organizations), there was an accumulative bid open for the Duke Orange soft toy plus bao and his photobook! Oooh yes, even before this party there was a fund raising for the kitty spay day too! That one reached $1742.31 from Duke and all his fans! Yay!

Before we knew the results of the bids, Duke Orange was finally out once more, carried in his round basket to be lavished attention from his fans. It is not difficult to see why the Egyptians liked their cats by the way you see how people behave around duke.

As he was passed around in his basket, he was just relaxed and didn’t mind any of the attention at all! Very interesting since there are cats who would freak out and hide somewhere with so many people around but with Duke, he’s unconcerned with it all! Just enjoying the ride on his basket as he went around the room.

Duke Orange and his minion judging you. Ok, not really but here they are talking about the bidding! Unfortunately I had to leave before the party ended but I did hear the results were very good! In fact, at the time of this post, the results of Duke’s party  fund collection would be out so I’d edit this post with the results later on.

As the crew and I had to leave, we stopped at the glass door since people were coming in and Duke had ran towards the door. Everyone screamed “Noooooooo!” with their hands outstretched, it was just that dramatic but of course, Duke did not escape. NYA HA HA! The people coming in managed to close the door and someone grabbed Duke to carry him away.

And that was the end of Duke’s party for us as we got out of his workplace! So lovely! It seems like there are more Duke parties, perhaps he’d have another one next year for his birthday! We shall see since his minion has been gracious enough to have them and organize it all.

For more photos of Duke, you should check our Furry Photos and you can read one of our adventurer’s blog post on the party since she came to help out with it too!

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