SDS 2.19 – Use Somebody

On a weekday evening, the crew and I headed to 15 Minutes cafe. We were going to do something that we haven’t done before (as usual for Sarah Does Singapore anyway) and this time it was doing a performance at a cafe! Heh, another take of this episode is by the Magical Harkow.


We were at the 15 Minutes cafe at La Salle. Ukulele Movement usually organizes Open Uke night called Uke Got Talent occasionally and we managed to hitch on their programme in time before all the slots were closed! With a combo of Joelyn Alexandra as the singer and the Magical Harkow as the other uke, we formed The Valkyries! Woooo.

Uke nights at 15 Minutes are usually insanely crowded so haaaaaa.

So that’s pretty much the set up! You and your uke!

The theme for that night was the 80s. You can see the staff of Ukulele Movement in the background there. If you ever wanted to buy a good uke or have lessons, you should head to their shop!

The staff were helping out with the set up though. I was there to see my friend perform too! Meanwhile, in the lineup, there were youtube stars and well, you can see the performances at the Ukulele Movement facebook! They uploaded the videos of that night’s performance there.

The cafe was really crowded but it’s so nice that their upper level also had a projection screen with what was happening at the stage so one really didn’t have to be on the main floor where it was to watch.

And that’s the Ukulele Movement crew doing Kokomo! You can check their channel for the other videos for that night too, heh. It should be in Uke Got Talent III.

So that was it! We did our thing, we watched and that was fun! Perhaps we’ll do another little song next time too. If you want to ever have a go at an open uke night, sign up for the Ukulele Movement newsletter at their website or shop. Or heck, check their facebook! Ukuleleleleleleleleleeeee.

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