SDS 2.21 – When It Rains

The morning started out sunny as can be. We wanted to enjoy ourselves at Forest Adventure. This would have been my fourth time there. I really like Forest Adventure since you get up on the rope courses that are on the tree tops and get around the corner of the reservoir via ziplines.

The weather alarm system went off and after our briefing, we were grounded.

And then it rained insanely.

For those who can’t see… Really, you shouldn’t see anything. In the white distance there is the reservoir and buildings and whatnot. You just can’t see it due to the heavy rain.

Sadness. So we couldn’t go up this time! We did get a refund since we were unable to even start. The others who did start and had gone on, got vouchers instead. So yeah.

An umbrella was pretty useless in that kind of weather since the wind blew hard at us, with horizontal rain etc. We had to wait a few hours before it lessened. There is no way to escape towards the bus stop or to the nearest car park in that weather without getting drenched. Too bad we could not take the short cut through Temasek Poly either because the path way was FLOODED. Alas, we had to take the long way back to civilization! NEXT TIME! WE SHALL DO FOREST ADVENTURE NEXT TIME. I must have my forest adventure! MISSION FAILED FOR NOW. Aborted adventure. Sadness.

Insert time lapse and here we are at Plaza Singapura instead after the downpour. Since that weekend of 18 November was when the Kinect was introduced and being sold at X10, there was a Dance Central audition! Heh, in X09, it was Rock Band.

The ones who qualified on Saturday would make it on Sunday for the finals. Winners get the X box Kinect, Studio Wu lessons and a blu ray home system (not all, but the top prize got that, just minus the amount of prizes to decrease to the third, ok?).

It IS pretty fun! Dance central for Kinect, the contestants were pretty cool too. It seemed you need quite a bit of space to work the kinect camera properly though.

Nonetheless, there were hip hop dancers there and well, wow. They managed to get 5 stars and flawless for Down by Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne. So blaah, you know who’d get through to the top for Sunday. Anyway, Kinect! Yay! It was fun since demo stations were set up for various games. Unfortunately, the Deathly Hallows one seemed a bit buggy. Oh well.


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