SDS 3.9 – The Resurrection Stone

I visited two different libraries on that 9th July Saturday. The first one was at Serangoon library to catch an author’s session. The one in the evening was at the National Library. Heh, heh. It was for the Harry Potter party held at the multipurpose room.

We had candy from the UK that included the official chocolate frogs, licorice, lemon sherbets and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. We had a chocolate cake ordered from Ecreative too! I told them to decorate however they liked as long it was chocolate and that the logo was there. It’s so nice! Drinks are also available, like tea and Butterbeer!

In fact, Umbridge was the one who brought the candy from UK since she went there for a bit and even visited the 9 3/4 platform at the real train station.

The other Hogwarts staff aka Dumbledore’s Army for this party too. The first one in the lineup did the recipe for our Butterbeer! It’s really refreshing and the recipe will be posted below since a lot of people wanted it.

We had games and quizzes! Firstly, we split up the wizards that arrived for the party into three teams. They chose to be Team Tardis, Team Horcrux and Team Slytherin. Points were given out to the groups with the right answers or whenever the hosts aka Bellatrix and Tonks liked it. Hahahah, like how they do it in Hogwarts, the Professors tend to give and take points indiscriminately, just so they can!

Bellatrix liked to give points to Team Slytherin but it was balanced by Tonks too and the scorekeeper(?!). If we liked what we heard, we gave points. Points for really random things like having a really nice tie etc.

The programme of the party was to go through bits of book 1 – 7. Three participants from different houses were chosen to do a scene in which Harry (the one in the white shirt) meets Draco (the one in the robe) in the train for the first time. It was… an interesting take especially when the scuffle was narrated.

We had a Transfiguration Class game too. Four players were picked to be split into two groups. In each group, one student was transfigured into an item and the other wizard had to figure out what it was and guess it.

Technically, it was charades! That was fun since we had no idea sometimes on what the transfigured person was doing even if we, the audience side could see what the word list was shown on the projector. The words list had things like “Hippogryff”, “Book” or “Fat Lady in the Painting”. Hilarious guess work for the wizards who had to figure it out.

We broke up the bigger games  by asking the a volunteer from the audience to summarize each book for us to remember what had happened and by asking more quiz questions too. After all, each house needed to gain points before they could be the house cup winners. The next one was duelling class! We were at the room of requirement (aka multipurpose room) and thus it had been required that “All normal wands will not be able to do magic”.

These were disposable one shot per round wands. Two wizards were given 3 of them with crucio, accio and protego. If you ever wanted to try out this game with your friends, crucio is like scissors, accio – paper and protego – stone.

Crucio won over accio and accio over protego but protego won over crucio!

In any case, we had around four or five rounds since the two wizards chose the same spells on each other, heh.

With all the games and also book summaries, the wizards who answered or played got little prizes too! Bellatrix asked questions and Tonks searched for the items to give away. It included wands, Harry’s glasses, magnets and scarves.

When we got to book 6 aka Half Blood Prince, the scoreboard was hidden so that all the houses would want to try to gain more points before we revealed them at the end. They got to gain more points by answering Hogwarts related questions like what does the deathly hallows symbol mean!

Before the scores were revealed, we had prizes for well dressed wizards. The first went to the masked death eater, he got the UK Empire magazine with the special on Harry Potter, the second got a Hogwarts metal pin and the third got a Hagrid LEGO keychain!

Then it was time to reveal the results! After calculating the scores, it was clear who the winner was and it was…

Team Tardis! Hurray! Team Tardis won the house cup so all of them got a little goodie bag of candy and stuff. Here they are posing with the hosts.

Then it was time for the feast! Cake and other candy or chips! Everyone liked to try out Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. It was fun since you either got a bad flavour like vomit, centipede, ear wax or nice flavours like blueberry, popcorn and such! It was totally like Russian Roulette only without guns, bullets and more jelly beans.

Somehow everyone was super cheery and hyper. Perhaps due to all the candy and BUTTERBEER.

It was a fav at the party since it tasted pretty delicious and refreshing! Here’s the recipe by Lyn. It was a modified version from the one that Mugglenet had.

Lyn’s Butterbeer Recipe!

Ingredients are easily found in a supermarket in Singapore. The butter flavor can be found in the baking section.  The recipe goes as such:

  1. Used F&N Ice Cream Soda (for obvious monetary reasons)
  2. Used Wilton’s Butter Flavor (also possible to use Red Man’s Butter Oil Flavoring), 1/2 bottle to 1.5L of ice cream soda.
  3. Serve well-chilled, but no ice!
  4. Added teeeny amounts of Wilton’s Gel Paste Coloring (red + yellow) to the drink; other food colorings (i.e. Red Man) may leave a slight aftertaste that ruins the butterbeer flavor.

And that’s it for the party! It was a very enjoyable time for everyone who attended it since no one seemed like that wanted to leave when the library was going to close for the night.

Lastly, all the pictures above (excluding the few with my url tag) belongs to Sanzochan! That is all.

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