Skoob versus I Love Books

The only official e-books stores in Singapore at the moment is Singtel’s Skoob and Mediacorp’s I Love Books.

It’s either these two or the altenative is to get e-books from Book Depository and independent stores or go through a more complicated way in which you fake that you aren’t in Singapore if you’re buying ebooks from Amazon itself. The whole the book is not available in your region thing gets to be quite annoying.

So let’s sign up and see how they are!

Note that at this time of post, I Love Books just launched while Skoob has had a lead start in the business even if they don’t seem to do much right now.

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The Hunger Games… Vouchers… and Diablo 3?

Like The Hunger Games? We’re holding a competition and an event at the central library!

Yes! The Hunger Games Singapore, Liyanaland and us from the HSWG will be hosting it. Click the picture for a larger version of the poster. Mainly though, you can RSVP for the event here. The competition itself will let you win Hunger Games merch and books. There’s the:

  • Short story contest (500-2000 words) – Tell us how life in the Capitol would be like. Open to all.
  • Costume art contest. Two categories: Above 16 years old and under 16 years old. Design a tribute costume with a short description of your entry. 800px in jpg format.

For both competitions, send it to with the email titled “Hunger Games Short Story Contest 2012” or “Hunger Games Costume Art Contest 2012” by 9 June.

The event itself will be on 17 June from 2pm to 5pm at the central library! Yes. Feel free to dress up as the characters too.


Win Book Depository Vouchers!

Also, do YOU want to win Book Depository vouchers up to $20? Liyanaland has a competition on her website here for more details on that. Seriously, if you like buying books especially from BD, go look at it since the competition is super simple.


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