Free Comic Book Day … The whole day!

Tis’ the night before Free Comic Book Day and everything was… Well, it wasn’t quiet. We watched The Avengers with GnB comic store since we’re members and it’s pretty fun when you’re in a theatre full of comic readers.

3d glasses available for sale at The Cathay! I’m just going hmm at the lack of Black Widow merchandise here, well no Hawkeye too so hmm. Maybe it’s just those with solo movies to their names first?

We watched The Avengers and yes, it was great! Oh and since we’re in Singapore, there’s only one scene after the credits. We do not have the second one so you can just leave the theatre after seeing one after credit scene.

The bonus bit if you’re a member of GnB and going for their movie nights is that you usually get a goodie bag and a chance to win some prizes like Hot Toys figurines.

I got the Batwoman comic, a Flashpoint Hal Jordan badge and… A HARDCOVER MOUSEGUARD AND OTHER STORIES BOOK. It’s one of the more exclusive and sought after free comics for FCBD.

The day itself! We started off with GnB because it was opening at 10am. This picture was… Well, the queue was there even before 10am. It moved quickly though!

Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf doing signings. I got my books signed and that was quick too since we had queue just for that. 1 USD= 1 SGD sale was going on too so if you were there for just the free comics, it was a grab and go kind of thing!

Bonus points if you can tell who they are.

Here’s Wendy and Rudy at Planerds over at Somerset 313! The shop is going to have their six items for 60% sale until the 20th May. Well, it goes like two items – 20%, three etc etc until six items or more, 60%. It’s really that good of a bargain cause it’s their birthday sale.

Other places we went to was Kinokuniya and Paradigm Infinite. KINOKUNIYA “sold out” their free comics at 10am! Aaaah.

They were really nice about it too cause they were looking out for us but alas, GnB’s opening for THIS year was 10am too?! The staff managed to get us a pack anyway and the exclusive thing at Kinokuniya, unlike the other stores was that they DID get the special FCBD heroclix of Thor!

So wow, FCBD is really catching on in Singapore now unlike the previous few years. We’ll have to see how the programmes would be like in 2013.

Meanwhile, WHAT DID I GET? Click the thumbnails to see it bigger. First, I bought the layout pages and Dave Chua’s Gone Case 2 from Planerds at 60% off (I pooled in with my friends) so that was only $10.73! Woaaah.

The Moomin and Adventure Time comic was from them too, they were giving the comics outside their store to anyone who passed by and to children for them to read!

The Angel comics were from Paradigm Infinite while ALL the others were from GnB. I didn’t take the Kinokuniya one since it was quite a limited stash and I had the comics in the pack given by them, so the rest got it anywho!

Also, my comics signed by Ardian Syaf and Nicola Scott! Huzzah!

What I also learned was that the book store people DO know us in a way. Duh duh duh duuuuuuuh. Till next year’s FCBD indeed!

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