N.E.Mation: Escape to New York!

This is the ultimate New York post.

It’s going to be the longest ever cause we packed all these activities in three days before we left the USA.

As usual, to enlarge the photos, click on them.

First, we got ourselves a Metro card which is what they use there for the trains.

A note, some of the machines only take credit cards and it’s pretty annoying that you can only buy the cards or top them up one by one. There’s no multiple purchases like our own machines! Oh well.

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N.E.mation: Universal Studios, the VIP Tour!

Why yes, going to Universal Studios is part of the “win a chance to go to the USA” bit in N.E.Mation. Not only that, we got on the FREAKING VIP TOUR! GASP! GASPTASTIC MAX.

A note.

If you are ever thinking of going to Universal Studios in Los Angeles aka Universal City aka where they freaking make the shows and movies, I would advise you to get the VIP tour tickets.

They’re much more expensive than the regular tickets but it is so verily worth it since you finish EVERYTHING in one day plus get catered food and exclusive access to some places with it.

If you’re just going to be there for one day and not to return to Universal until years later or something, just get the VIP tour tickets.

Another note: This is going to have quite a lot of pictures so if you want to see bigger details, just click on them and they’ll enlarge!

With that, let’s begin.

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The Price of Well, It’s Not Popularity!

Ok, I seem to have been pharmahacked, cleaned it up and I see it again after another attack.

I will be systematically cleaning up my webby. What does this mean to YOU?


It doesn’t affect you at all if you’re already reading my posts from here or individual posts. It just means that when you search for my blog VIA google, you’ll see my metatags for my main blog has gone spammy.

Annoying much to me since it means my web ranking is being silly cause of this. It will be tedious but watch out for my posts as usual!


Ugh, pharmahacks… So annoying and only google search sees it.

Moving forwards in time!

It’s getting confusing for us since we’ll be heading to New York tomorrow. That’s 3 hours forwards from our current time in Los Angeles. This will also be the last post before I get back to Singapore! It’ll be super packed for us in New York since we’ll be finishing up our days there with museum and studio visits!

For the past two days, we’ve definitely hit Disneyland…

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art aka LACMA…

And Sony Pictures Animation studio! That one was in a super secret location…

ANYWAY! See you guys when I’m back in Singapore. Which would be a in less than a week!

The Story So Far… A teaser

Hey everyone! We’re doing pretty well and the weather’s pretty good! It’s like being in air con but… outside where it is sunny. So far we’ve gone to the Los Angeles County museum of Natural History…

To the Santa Monica pier/bay where the beach looks wonderful and there’s shops and a theme park on it…

And the California Institute of the Arts! We checked out more places but well, you’ll have to check the N.E.Mation facebook wall for the photos we shared to see them as we upload! Catch you later everyone, we’re going to Disney tomorrow! Wooooh!

Spore-con 2012!

Spore con is getting better and better every year! Held at Pasir Ris East Community Club, it’s quite a far off place to get to but there’s lots of participants and attendees going there since it opened in the morning at 9am!

I arrived at around 10.30am so close enough. We had a panel on writing speculative fiction in one of the rooms there.

Jo has more about this in her post here.

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