N.E.Mation – Last Day in Los Angeles

And we’re finishing up in Los Angeles with a trip to Sony Pictures Animation! You can see them amongst the Hotel Transylvania characters, heh.

Well, I can’t say anything much over here so… you guys have to either win N.E.Mation or book your own studio visit somehow.


Ok, what I can say is that it’s a very cool studio. They have their own cafeteria too and that Sony Pictures Animation and Imageworks is in the most discreet building ever. You won’t know it’s a studio until you enter it. We got to learn how they did their animation and had a little tour around too.

Plus! We all got a goodie bag from them. So nice.

I have a llama now.

Llama, llama, llama, llamaaaaaaaa.

Ok, quick! To the Los Angeles County Museum of Art! It’s really big and there are a lot of buildings featuring different types of art. Kinda sped through it since it’s just BIGGER so there’s more space for people to walk around. Unfortunately the James Bond exhibit would be open when we would be in New York.

There’s contemporary, Korean, Japanese, African etc art there. Didn’t take much pictures since not all exhibits are ok to be photographed.

I like how there are volunteers or info people there to help you out near the ticket counter and oh, you have to have your ticket with you to show when you enter each building or exhibit.


From the upper floors of the building, you can still see Hollywood from the museum. Well, sort of see Hollywood.

From Sony animation studio, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, off we go to the Farmer’s Market!

Farmer’s Market! I didn’t actually go in there, we wandered around the area of it. It’s like our hawker centers and specialty shops!

What I did wander in to is the The Cheesecake Factory! HUAARGH! MINE IS THE PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE and the other one is the HERSHEYS CHOCO CHEESECAKE (if you ordered this one, part of the proceeds go to charity at that moment).

It was big.

We had limited time before our next rendevous since it’s our last day in LA.

We split our pieces in half and shared so we could try each others.

And then we ate it.

Like oh man.

What even. Would I do it again? OF COURSE. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

We got back to our hotel, packed and got ready for the next day when we’d head to New York! Bye bye Los Angeles, you were cool! As in temperature wise and everything wise.

Although I didn’t buy much in LA, the mini luggage scale I had was pretty useful for me to check if it was still within the weight limit.

It was so totally within the weight limit so huzzah.

LA to New York! Then from the New York airport we took our shuttle van thing towards our hotel near Times Square.

Check out the last post on Friday with everything NEW YORK!

Bonus food post will be on the following Monday but hey… The New York post.

Three days.

Three days of everything to do in there before we leave.

It’s going to be a super long post.

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