Bonus: Food and Commentary

This post will have mainly food pictures from my journey from Singapore to the USA and back again.

Warning: Do not read this unless you’ve had your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.

It’s mainly a food picture spam post. Flight meals are all by SIA and they’re all great. If you want my commentary, haha skip to the bottom of the post after ALL the pictures!

You can tell which flight is from which flight. The first was from Singapore to Japan and then the next two are Japan to Los Angeles since they had the Japanese milk yogurt!

The rest is from San Francisco to Seoul and then Seoul to Singapore, you can see it by the brand of water you have there. Interestingly, our dessert from Seoul to Singapore was an ice cream called red carpet cheesecake?

Fish with cheese and long beans at Tony Roma’s. Dinnerish time in Los Angeles because we arrived around later afternoon on the first day.

Hotel’s breakfast. They have it the same every day. It’s not much but it’s okaaay? At least there’s watermelon.

Oatmeal! From McD’s in the science center. I really like oatmeal and McD’s over here had it?

Ha ha ha, falafel king at Santa Monica. Those are just the chips on the side, the actual falafel sandwich is PRETTY BIG.

This is just a close up but you can see how stuffed it is with vegetables and falafel!

I forget what this dish is called but it was from Bubba Gump and it had mashed potatoes underneath that fish with a lobster bisque sauce or something like that.

With key lime pie for dessert. The cream is good with the sourness of the lime!

Breakfast at iHop includes a heck lot of pancakes. Strawberry banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, red velvet pancakes, cinnamon french toast and mushroom with spinach omelette.

Vegetable pizza from the cafe at Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. This is the best pizza eveeeeeer. On account of goat’s cheese, spinach, artichoke, peppers etc. It is so beautiful.

Veggie burger from Hard Rock cafe. It is pretty big!

A close up of the veggie burger. There’s a portobello mushroom in there along with those sweet peppers that people around here like to put in.

Their peppers aren’t hot like ours but instead sweet!

With apple crumble and ice cream to end it. No, I didn’t eat THAT on my own. We shared dessert since our own meals were quite a lot anyway.

The buffet at Universal Studios in which I chose a lot of cheese, (the bun was a cheese bun too) and all the peppers and stuff.

With a baklava along with brownies and if you wanted, you could have ice cream too.

A magherita pizza with basil leaves at one of Wolfgang Puck’s cafe restaurants. He has a lot of restaurants and stuff here. It’s so niiiice.

Still doesn’t defeat the veggie pizza that I liked though.

Mac and cheese with corn bread and vegetables at Disneyland!

Disneyland’s the only place where you can find super healthy food for everyone with a lot of vegetarian choices or well, really, it’s for everyone and it’s healthy for kids to eat too.

You can see the individual pieces in this post but these are halves of the peanut butter cheesecake and Hershey’s choco cheesecake.

You need the cream to balance the sweetness.

Now we’re off to food in New York! We start with this, shrimp with key lime skewers at TGIF!

On account of many requests of my friends that I needed to eat a hotdog or something in New York because it is a thing to do, I got myself a philly cheese steak.

It’s okay but I don’t usually get stuff like that anyway since I prefer seafood.

Here’s a hotdog with everything on it.

This is a chilli dog. I quite like this. Also, no. I didn’t eat all the hotdogs in one go, this was spread over the three days we were in New York. It’s not all from the same stall by the way, I tried one from The Halal Guys too.

For one of the dinners, I had salad at Cafe Metro Salad Bar. You could pick whatever the heck you want that was available there as long it fit the bowl and they’ll toss it for you.

Apparently Angelina Jolie and family also ate there before, according to the pictures they had shown at the place?

Note my blue cheese in my salad, heh heh heh.

I like bagels with cream cheese. There was a choice of plain and whatever bagel. I chose poppy seed bagel since we can’t have that in Singapore because of reasons.

During the shopping day at Macy’s, while everyone else was there, I went to Toysrus and got my stuff. Since I had spare time, I walked around and also got myself a shrimp cocktail from one of their pharmacies, Duane Reade.

Duane Reade has such lovely sandwiches too. The hot sauce is like wasabi but not? It’s tangy hot!

It’s an M&M ice cream sandwich which I bought from M&Ms world at Times Square!

Red velvet cake that I had in my room at night cause I wanted to see the difference between the red velvet cake we had in Singapore and there in New York. Not much difference!

I wondered because earlier in the day, I tasted the cheesecake from one of the students and their cheesecake is more “packed” even though it had the same dimensions as ours. While ours are light and fluffy, theirs was INCREASE DENSITY OF EVERYTHING.

In conclusion, red velvet cake is still red velvet cake. Gorgeous frosting of cheese in this piece.

On the last day, lunch at Woodbury was in their mall type food centre thing. I had a tofu burrito. I was all “Whaaaaaaaat?” I thought I was just going to get a tofu burrito but NO, it came with more rice, black beans and a heap of nachos that you put in yourself in the plate they gave you including salsa and guacamole.

Salsa or aka pico de gallo came in various spicyness. The yellow/greenish one would be the hottest.

And then in the evening, I had a Cinnabon! The guy at the stall was Indonesian and asked me if I spoke bahasa!

That’s it for food pictures. What’s not shown is eh, my Italian sausage from one of The Halal Guys cause it didn’t look like much when in close up and a milkshake from Godiva’s, some sandwiches and that’s it.

Now for the commentary.


OK! Security to the USA was pretty smooth and everyone was professional and nice. The only screening with the X-ray area was for international flights. I had no trouble whatsoever with them at all!

Things that we started to learn quickly about is that everyone talks. As in EVERYONE TALKS.


Everyone says “How ya doing?” or “Everything fine here?” and they’ll talk to you at the cashier too. Customers or the cashiers themselves. I talked at the cashier or the cook with the rest when they bought stuff since I could understand their accents and actually reply.

At Mary Poppins the musical, the staff sang/danced a bit as they showed our seats and are real. As in, everyone is really their own person and they show that they’re individuals and not drones or whatever.

Or “Heya girl, wanna try a chocolaaate?”.

No, that’s not from a dodgy guy, it’s from staff at Hershey’s store! Of course, I tried it.

Of course I bought packs of it too cause it was darned delicious.

Besides having to actually talk, hmmmmm. THE WEATHER IS GORGEOUS that it’s refreshing?

18 degrees with wind is no biggie for me cause it’s refreshing but 24 degrees celcius for me in Singapore makes me sneeze a lot and it feels cold.

I learned the difference now in that the moisture of humidity seeps through everything in Singapore while in the USA, it’s just… That.

Food portions are big and heck, everything is bigger here (duh). Their vegetarian stuff is so good and not sucktastic. Note the pizza that I covet. It’s the most wonderful pizza eveeeeer. I have to buy a pizza stone and bake a pizza of my own to get it “right” since there aren’t any with this combo in Singapore. At least not Halal ones that I know of.

Oh and yes, in New York, you can find lots of Halal meat. Just go and… see? Well, it’s stated there anywho.

The subway in NY was not too confusing too and well, with all the adventures I had in Singapore, the one thing I learned or gained experience is not to panic if you have no idea where you are. Just check the maps or ask!

By the way, security to museums and places like Empire State building can be annoying for those who carry a lot of stuff. I recommend for you to put everything in one bag, including your jacket and don’t put change in your pockets.

They don’t mind cameras, it’s just metallic things that go beep will be annoying through the metal detectors so stuff them in your bag. ALSO GET A WATERBOTTLE. The one thing you’ll buy most of is water if you can’t find a water cooler.

Meanwhile, I like hotel rooms and I don’t know about you guys, flights are easy for me. Considering this is my first time flying an airplane, on my own (well, with an entourage to blog about them) since 1994 or having any vacation ever, I liked it!

“So, you’ve got an 18 hour flight eh?” said the TSA officer.

“No, it’s a 26 hour one!” I replied.

“Really?!” he says as he looks at my passport and boarding pass again as the queue for the X-ray machine was slow.

“Yep, New York to here in San Fran, then to Seoul and then Singapore!” I added.

“And you’re still smiling!”

I had a 26 hour flight on the way back since it was New York to San Francisco to Seoul to Singapore and yet it was FUN in a sense that woooh, I am on a plane.

In all, it’s a wonderful trip although at times you won’t get internet, it’s all cool. That’s it! Will I go on more plane rides or trips to other countries?

We’ll see on… Seriously Sarah!

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  1. OH MAN I was drooling so much while reading this 😛
    it must have been so exciting!

  2. I miss the Shrimp cocktail =( Lucky I got 1 box before we left Ny for SF cuz SF don’t have Duane Reade!!

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