Message in a Bottle

I got a Gardens by the Bay stamp and sent a letter to myself so I could get the post mark. Yes, the stamp is pretty limited and you can see it takes half the length of the envelope.

Since I was sending said letter to myself, I figured it should open it in 2015.

And then I checked my own previous message to myself that I sent in 2002 since I forgot when I was supposed to open it.

16 May 2012.

Well ok.

I added a plus 2 since it didn’t seem like 2010 was that far off. No, I didn’t send this to myself via the mail. I just placed the items in a plastic bottle since that doesn’t biodegrade or decompose. At least not for another thousand or whatever years?

Goodies! Well, one Staedtler stick pen which you can’t get any more, a passport photo I used for my polytechnic ez-link, a letter and a secondary school results thing. The bottle smelled nice too since the ink was one of those scented inks that I wrote with. It was the trend back then that pens smelled like fake perfume or something.

I wonder if you can actually find this pen somewhere. It writes well and even back then, it was hard to find in stationery stores.

Remarks on my secondary school leaving transcript thing. In case you can’t read it even after clicking the picture to expand, it says:


Uh huh. Considering that was written in 2001, well. I will considered that as PURSUED.

Or still pursuing since it’s always a thing to continue on.

And the letter I wrote to myself started with:

Hi me! It’s me! You! Heh, right. You of the past.

Apparently I was going to a Magic: the Gathering prerelease tournament after stuffing the letter into the bottle and I had questions like “Did Buffy end up with Angel in the end?”. Oh Past!Sarah, I can assure you that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has gotten so much more complicated than that. It has spawned off season 8 in comic form and so much has happened.

Of course there were other questions too but mostly, Past!Sarah says to keep on doing what I do!

Past!Sarah, you’re so nifty. Yes. I will keep on doing what I do. She wanted to be a cartoonist back then but heck that, Present!Sarah and Future!Sarah has something else in store for you… Ok, this is getting confusing in a way.

I have two more bottles to run through in 2016 onwards and the letter I sent to myself this year left.

Meanwhile, do you lot make time capsules or letters to self?

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  1. This is a rather fantastic idea. I keep journals, personally, that get used up at a rate of 3 to 4 each year–sometimes fewer, sometimes more, depending on length. It’s fascinating to look back and have blow-by-blow records of my own life, complete with taped-in souvenirs. The shock of going back to such time capsules is generally matched by relief about my own maturity. 😛

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