Where to buy a ukulele in Singapore

I get a lot of hits of “where to get cheap ukulele in Singapore” or “where to buy ukuleles in Singapore” because of my Buying a Ukulele in Singapore post so I’ve decided to list down my choice of stores.

If you don’t see the store you bought from, it’s probably because I haven’t been there before or that I don’t think the price was worth the ukulele. Feel free to comment below the brands that the store has if you’ve been to one that is good. Click their names to get to their website!

Note: You have to ask the shop themselves about the price of their ukuleles. I merely look-see-ed at them and noted that the price was value for money for the type of ukulele or brand they sell. Plus, they might have sales or discount during the time you decide to visit any of the stores.

EDIT: HOW TO TEST A UKULELE since some of you are newbies and have no visual guide how to check your purchase.

My first choice:

Ukulele Movement 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 5, Kallang Rivergreen Building, Singapore 338987 Tel: +65 6299 0580 (CURRENTLY at: 809, French Road, #02-41, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809
It’s at a building with a lady with a moustache painted near the top. Take the lift to get into the shop. This is the best ukulele shop in Singapore because it’s THE ukulele shop that brought it all in at first. Edit: Closest MRT station is Lavendar and then it’s just a walk from there. EDIT 2 (17 Sep): The shop is still open but has moved, check their website for current location.

Makala, Kala, Anueanue etc. The brands in this store are all well recognized for their craftsmanship. If you’re not buying your ukulele here, they still have accessories like ukulele straps, music books and dvds. Compared to Yamaha, their books and dvd range is more extensive since it’s specifically for the ukulele.

Oh and your purchase of a ukulele usually comes with a padded gig bag compared to others who might not. (Unless you buy the super cheap budget ukulele, those come with their own bag.) Concerts, tenors and even bass ukulele available here.

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