The Dark Knight Rises… With Domino’s Pizza

This post is brought to you by Domino’s Pizza and!

Like Catwoman, I was trapped in Gotham. Instead of Gotham, it was Vivocity since I missed the last train at Harbourfront. How did I end up there even?

I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises by getting a ticket by Omy in a private theatre just reserved by Domino’s. The movie ended at midnight since it was that long.

If you’re a fan of Domino’s, you should like their Facebook page. You might win some tickets to their next movie outing for their special customers. And wow, they have quite a lot of special customers who love to buy their pizzas.

It’s cool to know that they do keep a list of special customers and give out goodies or tickets to them besides for fans who like their page.

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