Have a break!

We had a break. Sometimes you need to have a mini break where you can eat pizza or burgers or candy stuff at someone’s house and play video games. That is what we did.

Also, I guess we really did eat a lot of kit kats from Japan! Strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, green tea and wasabi.

In other words, this is like a filler episode post.

That’s wasabi and it does taste like it. It has a bit of the spiciness but not too overpowering. Green tea is the best for me.

All our ukuleles. If you wanted to see the size comparison, that’s the Kala U-bass, brandless tenor, Anueanue concert and a TGM soprano. So yes. That’s all. Next week we’re off to find Pantry Magic!

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

2 thoughts on “Have a break!”

  1. Are the pastries from Daiso and I don’t see the $18 Dolphin cutie among your uke collection? What happened?

  2. Noo, those are all the ukes of mine and my friends’ since we were all playing songs that day. Kit kats were from Japan.

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