Of baulu and barang

To cook a baulu

We went over to Jo’s place because her granny was making kueh baulu the traditional way. Yes, with coals and a charcoal stove thing as you can see above! Chinese New Year’s next month and thus, they’re baking kueh.

Put the lid on

And then you put the lid on! With burning coals on top. One needs to check every so often so that it won’t be burned.

Sugary egg with flour

There is no exact recipe for it. There is a ratio though for most recipes for kueh like these are by ‘feel’.


1 bowl of eggs

1 bowl of sugar

¾ flour

Coconut oil

This is the mould!

It sounds simple but it is time consuming. First mix the eggs and sugar into a smooth white mixture. Then mix the flour in slowly, it might be too thick if you put all of it in. The flour has first to be fried in a pan, no oil just so that it would be dry.

When you mix it all up, pour the batter into the iron mould. The iron mould must be coated with a layer of coconut oil so it doesn’t stick!

That’s it really.

When you fry the flour, it gives the crunchy yet airy feeling to the baulu. Totally different than commercial baulus you might eat.

All the baulusInside the baulu

Tada! It becomes baulu. Ohohohohohohoh.


Bonus adventure:

Larut road

We went to Sungei road’s Thieves’ Market the next day. It’s a whole section near Larut Road now because there’s construction going on for the forever building train station and this will close down too when the tunnels are going to be dug up there.

A deal!

It’s a depend on your luck kind of thing, you might find something you like there and bargain with the owner.

Whatever it is.

Antiques, vintage stuff. Handphones. Really whatever. You just have to carry the stuff home yourself and have your own bag. Sometimes you might find some collectables that just need a bit of cleaning.

The market crowd

Best time for you to check out the market is when it is sunny and on weekend afternoons. It’s a walkable distance from Bugis too. Alas, soon it will be gone too and I’ve no idea where the people will move to sell their goods.

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