Mangafest 2013!

Lots of people in the morn!

Mangafest 2013‘s events for the weekend was held at The Arts House and Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. The Arts House’s exhibit was from 10am to 8pm. I lurked outside, eating my Old Chang Kee porridge as I waited for my friends to arrive.

And good grief… It was Saturday morning and I saw lots of people going up to the second floor where the exhibition was held at the Gallery.

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Technically we went to Beanstro on that 19th Jan after we went to the SG Handmade Movement. The branch we went to was the one at Ngee Ann City, the one with Takashimaya. Mind you, this is our experience with Beanstro for that day and it was awesome.

A few notes, Beanstro is the fancier version of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It’s got more food than their regular cafes. From the moment at this post, we only know that there’s one at Marina Bay Sands and just this one at Ngee Ann City. That’s it.

Also,  wanted to put in the whole menu of Beanstro in this post but decided it was too much so heck that. You’ll get the price range idea with what we ordered cause we ordered quite a bit anyway!

Click to enlarge pictures as always.

Now, let’s get to it.

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A Valentine’s Day ukulele special

Valentine's Day Special!

What better way to use that groupon / voucherwow / online bargain ukulele that you just bought than to serenade to your loved ones? Sure, you have approximately 12 days left. That’s why I’m offering private sessions for beginners to learn the ukulele in one hour!

This is a crash course to just play that ONE song that you want to play on Valentine’s Day.

This is for:

  • Beginners who have no freaking clue how to play a ukulele at all
  • Those who will practice after the session because even if one session can teach you  the basics, you’ll still need practice to be good
  • Those who are too busy to go to classes in music school

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