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THIS is a semi advertorial food blogging post. Because I got to try McDonald’s new breakfast items via the people. Semi advertorial because I wanted to try it in the first place but then since I got the chance to be invited, OOH OK-LOR!

Ok. Those are lunch items, except for the coffee cup.

Mini handphone straps! Strap set! The egg close up!

AND THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT REAL. Hahaha, they’re the mini handphone straps! I got it as a gift for attending this event. The egg is from the National Breakfast Day promo on the 18th of March. McD’s gave out 1000 Egg McMuffins from each of their stores here, so it was around 100,000 given out?

Ms Phyllis Cheung, Managing Director of McDonald’s Restaurants (Singapore), said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on National Breakfast Day, we want to energise everyone’s morning and give them the fuel to Get Up and Go. Breakfast is also one of the fastest growing meal segments in Singapore and over the years, customers have shown us how much they enjoy our breakfast menu. National Breakfast Day was our way of thanking our customers for making a McDonald’s breakfast the start of their day.”

So that’s the whole thing about the promo!

Plus, I got an ezlink card thing for attending this event.

ANYWAY, that is not the thing they invited us bloggers for… IT IS TO TRY OUT THEIR BREAKFAST.

Ang Mo Kio Park

In the morning of… morning, I travelled to Ang Mo Kio Park’s McDonald’s! Guys, this McD’s is actually pretty big and nice.

It’s super near a park too and since I was there earlier than the stated time to arrive, I walked around in it while some elderly Chinese guy practiced his saxophone, aunties did taichi and their guy friend did some acrobatic tricks to practice.

It was like some picture from an English oral examination.

Hot cakes!

BEHOLD. They served us hotcakes! This is a new item, you choose either strawberry or hot fudge sauce. They gave us both for us to try out.

Strawberry! Both! Hot fudge

Strawberry or hot fudge? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE? I ate both. The way I stabbed my strawberries was like a murder of hotcakes while I dripped the hot fudge on the other piece of hotcake like it was for science.

The science of my mouth.

Ok, but how does one choose? Since in the store you only have the choice of one. (Unless you buy two sets but woah, so many hot cakes…)

The strawberry sauce is tangy and refreshing enough that when you have it with your plain hotcakes, it wakes you up. The hot fudge though, it’s my ‘default’. The chocolate melts drippingly and as you put it in your mouth. And it’s chocolate.

Chicken muffin! Look at it! How I eat my muffin

The other new item is the chicken muffin. It’s got mayonnaise and cheese with the chicken sausage. I like to eat my muffins best with a bit of hashbrown and chilli sauce in it! Anyway, it’s quite nice but I guess, everyone always has a favourite breakfast item and mine is always an egg Mcmuffin.

As the other lifestyle/food/fashion(?) bloggers eat their food gracefully, I ate this like  “HUARRGH I EAT THIS. OH MY GOODNESS. IT IS YUMMY. HA HA HA IT IS SO GOOD I GOT INVITED TO THIS” only of course I didn’t say this out loud.

One does not talk or exclaim randomly while eating food.


Anywho, these are just promotional items. If you really like them, make sure you tell them on their facebook or email or something and it might be a permanent item if there’s a lot of people who want it to stay.

Things I learned from the blogger’s session and perhaps a ‘trick’ to try out. BUY the strawberry or hot fudge hotcakes just before the breakfast is over at 11am, wait a while and then go back to the counter when it is officially lunch and buy a vanilla ice cream.


Genius, baby.

EDIT: Got the official pictures now and its description, heh.

Strawberry Hotcakes!

Strawberry and Hot Fudge Hotcakes
Have a sweet start to your day with fluffy Hotcakes, now available with two brand new toppings – strawberry or hot fudge. It is simply pure indulgence! The strawberry or hot fudge hotcakes breakfast meals are available for $5.50 (price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery).

Chicken Muffin

Chicken Muffin
Deliciously tender chicken crisped to perfection in a soft toasted muffin with cheese, enjoyed with a golden hash brown, and our new richer, bolder premium roast coffee.  The Chicken Muffin Breakfast Meal is available for $4 (price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery).

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