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The Mythopoeia exhibition by Yoshitaka Amano is held at the Mizuma Gallery. Do check the gallery’s website for opening hours and address. We got there by dropping off at Labrador Park MRT and then just walking up to the Gillman Barracks. There’s a large sign saying where the Barracks are.

Mind you, it’s quite a walk inwards as Mizuma Gallery is held at block 22 and it’s waaaaay on top and towards the inner most compound of the barracks. Just look at the map at the barracks if you don’t know where you are in there.

The exhibition will be held until 14 July 2013 so you still have time for a look-see!

Mizuma gallery

This is the Mizuma gallery. The exhibit’s poster is on the front so can also know that it’s this building since all the buildings there are white anyway. OH, photos look different than the usual since I forgot my camera. Got Joelyn to help take pictures with her phone instead.

Interior of the gallery!

And thus you get to see the gallery. It’s not very big or rather it doesn’t have too many pieces since most of his art are BIG. At most you can count around 15 or so?


But you need to look at the works up close! They’re all made by him, acrylic with automotive paint on aluminium. It really sparkles and pictures can’t show how sparkly it is nor how detailed the larger paintings are.

Or that’s because I didn’t bring my camera.

You know this article by Straits Times with him in between his artworks is pretty cheat your feelings in a way. They’re not small pieces THEY’RE FREAKING huge and take up the wall!

Well, anyway, we overheard that the pieces are for sale but it costs a few thousand dollars for one of the smaller pieces so you can imagine (or ask there) how much the huge ones are and all these are one of a kind.

Do not touch but do look up close and you can see how he drew or painted the pieces.

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