STGCC 2013 is this weekend!

I'm a field agent

Ahhhh! The Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention is on this coming weekend (31 Aug/ 1 Sep) ! That’s my badge there.

No, that’s not the badge for the entry to the convention. (You can probably try to make your own from the pictures here.)

You have to buy your tickets either at Action City, etc etc they have a list on their website or you can just buy it on the day itself.

I’ve gotten mine for a normal 2 day pass. That is my day 1 outfit since hah, I can just wear formally and stuff and be an agent!

Plus, if you’re hanging around on day 1, around 3pm we’re having an “unofficial” Marvel photoshoot from the Hot Toys booth towards the Marvel booth at 3.30pm. There’s going to be a lot of Iron Mans and other characters then, heh heh heh.

Artwork by Sarah Isabel Dominique

Meanwhile, even though there are things listed on the event programme of STGCC, not everything is stated.

For one thing, if you’re in the Pacific Rim fandom, you can buy this poster by Sarah Isabel Tan while walking THROUGH THE AISLES. Toysrevil have more info on how to purchase this piece.

SKL0 aka Samantha Lo!

Even SKLO or Samantha Lo is collecting pre-orders at STGCC for her first toy there. It’ll be at the Mighty Jaxx booth so check it out.

HAH, be cultured, GET IT?

Good toy to be used as a gift to those who you think need to be more cultured or are super cultured or something.

Basically, if you’re on tumblr just search the tag for STGCC too cause some artists from the artist alley might post up previews of what you might be able to buy there.

Remember my survival guide for STGCC 2012, it still works for 2013.

Mostly, just remember to bring cash and not too give too big of a currency, try to give exact change if you’re buying from the ARTIST ALLEY booths.

And ok, if day 1, I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, day 2 will be…

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Ken Liu’s coming to Singapore!

Meet the author - Ken Liu

Yes, Ken Liu’s coming to Singapore in September! Don’t know his work or want to read one of his stories for free? You can check his Paper Menagerie out! It’s also part of Read Singapore this year.

So the important dates would be:

  • 4 September , 7.30pm – 9pm: The Paper Menagerie
  • 7 September,  2pm- 3.30pm: The Writing Life : Science Fiction and Fantasy  or 5pm- 6.30pm: Comparing Notes: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 8 September, 3pm – 4.30pm: Author Reading at Origami Exhibition

We’re going on the Saturday sessions. Especially if you’re Nanowrimo-ers COME ON SATURDAY. He has done Nanowrimo before too and well, it’s always great to meet up with others who have done it while meeting an award or rather AWARDS winning author at the library.

This is all free but if you want to register to just ‘chope’ seat here’s the info:

Registration Info: All sessions are free, but seats are limited.

To confirm your seat, kindly email

1) Your Name 2) Title & Date of Session/s 3) Contact Number

See you guys there! I’ll be going to the 7th September sessions.

N.E.mation! 8 call for entries!

Walt Disney and Mickey!

Remember that time I went to Disneyland for free*… The actual Universal studios in the USA and so many animation companies…? WELL YOU CAN TOO! Because it’s time for…

N.E.mation! 8

N.E.mation! 8 yaaay! This year’s theme is Because You Played a Part. What does it mean? It means:

30 years of security and stability as a nation was built upon everyone’s efforts.We stood with each other through the good times and bad, overcoming challenges and celebrating our successes. We are able to enjoy what we have in Singapore today because each of us has played a part, in building this nation, our home.

Look what last year’s winners get to do. IT IS for winning N.E.mation! 7

How do you even join this? Or what is this even? Click the poster to see how.

The call for entry!

Yess. It’s just takes you to form a team of 3 to 4 students from your school, register online at and submit your story ideas by 21 August 2013, 1pm.

You have to be a student of a Secondary School, Junior College or a  Centralised Institution. Plus you must be a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Residents.

What you don’t have to know is how to animate! No worries on that because if you’re in, THEY will teach you how!

So you’ve grabbed your friends, you want to do this but don’t know how to start? The people behind N.E.mation! 8 has given you some resources like:

1. View the Free online Story Workshop at
2. Receive coaching on your story ideas when we visit you in school, or when you attend our Public Story Clinic session*!
*The option to choose your preferred Public Story Clinic session is available when you register online. 83% of all past N.E.mation! Top 10 teams attended this same Story Clinic session and this is why you need it too!

OK, so what if you can’t form a team or if you’re not a student? NOT TO WORRY, you still can win some goodies with their Share Your Story competition. HO HO HO HO HO.

Share Your Story!

Yesss. You know the N.E.mation! 8 website? Well, you can either find their facebook there or search for ‘nemation‘ to enter this competition. You can join this competition by pressing the Share Your Story tab on it and enter.

There are 2 rounds for this and the last day is 11 August for the FIRST round okay? You have the long holiday to just come up with something and ENTER.

NE7 Group photo!

So, don’t regret entering either of the two competitions because this year you can play a part. Hah, GET IT? Anyway, you could be one of the finalists like how these teams were last year in N.E.mation! 7.

* Ps. I was the N.E.mation! 6 ambassador hence the free trip to the USA too! It’s super fun so try enter the competition if you can.

For the horde

Down along Orchard road.

3 August was friendship day and Hasbro Singapore decided to make it magical with My Little Pony because… Friendship is MAGIC! Yes, I do follow the series.

Even my brothers.

Yes, shut up.

Anyway, I didn’t know it was going to be a street event like their Star Wars day.

The facebook event details said it started from Ion downwards, I must say a lot of people asked concierge that they wondered what was up. The event was not in Orchard Ion. Ok can. I deduced it didn’t have a booth or something then. The first 1000 people were gonna get some mysterious freebie from them.

Spoiler alert: The freebie was from a new range of neon MLP blind bags that haven’t premiered yet in the stores.

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