For the horde

Down along Orchard road.

3 August was friendship day and Hasbro Singapore decided to make it magical with My Little Pony because… Friendship is MAGIC! Yes, I do follow the series.

Even my brothers.

Yes, shut up.

Anyway, I didn’t know it was going to be a street event like their Star Wars day.

The facebook event details said it started from Ion downwards, I must say a lot of people asked concierge that they wondered what was up. The event was not in Orchard Ion. Ok can. I deduced it didn’t have a booth or something then. The first 1000 people were gonna get some mysterious freebie from them.

Spoiler alert: The freebie was from a new range of neon MLP blind bags that haven’t premiered yet in the stores.

The staff seem uh overwhelmed

I don’t know how to describe it. Actually, I do. Mainly, there were too few staff compared to Star Wars day and the models seem overwhelmed by the crowd.

Heck, anyone would be.

The bronies found out where the cart and the staff were hiding at before the time for the giveaways and crowded around one by one. The staff had to tell them it wasn’t time yet because the (hired?) MLP gijinka models were still getting ready.

Eventually everyone did go off down Orchard Road.

Just imagine zombies but instead, people who wanted the blind bags as they showed their phones towards the few staff manning the cart.

As usual there are some impolite people who kept shouting or trying to shove the phones towards the staff.

In the words of Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), that is unseemly. In the words of Apple Jack, that’s darn tooting rude!

Twilight Sparkled!

My friend’s daughter got herself one of those temporary tattoos from the staff too! That was cool. Eventually we did brave into the crowd and got ourselves a figurine. I don’t know how to rate this crowd.

On a level of IT Fair, Body Shop Sale, overcrowded MRT station and this MLP horde?

It won’t ever be as bad as an overcrowded MRT station (oh snap) but it is still scary enough.

I haven’t or probably ever will try to brave a Hello Kitty crowd to compare but good grief. It was like a pedestrian congestion for that moment in time along Orchard road near Ngee Ann City.

My baggy!

My blind bag! I showed it to the staff quickly, thanked him and scampered away as fast as I could because the crowd really was blocking other passersby.

Neon ponies!

Our loot! Haha technically mine was a Granny Smith, the others are from friends’ and their kids.

Thanks Hasbro Singapore! Only, please… put more staff along for any future MLP event, there is quite a sizable following in Singapore.

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