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The top 10!

This is going to be a post with a lot of adventure and announcements, you guys.

You guys need to know for the next three weeks I’ll be blogging about¬† N.E.mation 8! And wow, ok just imagine the next few lines as said by Tyra Banks or something:


These two teams will be the choice of Seriously Sarah and you are invited, no, ENCOURAGED to support them!

THESE TWO TEAMS ARE: The 4 of Us II and Momento Mori.

I will inform you how to like their pages and whatnot as I BRING TO YOU behind the scenes of these two teams. And you will like their two teams for reasonssss, yes.

Reasons which I will tell you tomorrow!

And now, to our IKEA adventure.

It's a Flygdrake.

This is a Flygdrake. It’s Swedish for flying dragon.

Shopping awaay in IKEA

Our agenda was to eat the meatballs there (Tampines branch because it had Halal ones) and also do some shopping since one of us needed to by frames, another jars and hangers and the last of our group needed Christmas decoration things.

I just got the flygdrake because look at it.

It’s a flygdrake.

I am a khaleesi.

So, ok can.

Also, they had this stuffed wolf from red riding hood toy that came with a mini Granny and you could open the stomach’s velcro and stuff her in.

I don’t know what to say to that but I wanted it but if I got flygdrake, I shouldn’t get the wolf (with granny).

The queeeue!

We went in the late afternoon, after our write-in and even then, it was crowded as heck.

Apparently we went on the weekend when the various radio DJs would come by earlier on to decorate Christmas trees for people to bid for charity. Of all Saturdays we decided to go, we had to go then.

Oh fun fact, since I did buy a soft toy, a EURO (which is around $1.69 SGD?) from the price would go to a children’s charity so that’s neat. Anyway, that wasn’t our only adventure.

Jo then forgot her wallet in the toilet and then when she returned, it was gone.

As we were hunting for a seat in the canteen (it was Saturday evening by then), we finally got ourselves a table and sat down.

Ok, ok, I don’t want to give much suspense but SHE FOUND IT. Or rather some good customer of IKEA found it and returned it to the customer service. As J and me sat at our tables waiting for the rest since they were buying the food (rather somewhat depressedly), WE HEARD THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

As I kept watch of our table, J ran towards the group and told Jo that her wallet was found! (They didn’t really hear the announcement near the cashier/food area.)

HUZZAH!! Our dinner was much less depressing and it was totally unnecessary panic but thank goodness for the customer and IKEA.

It's a 3ds!

Also, I got myself a second hand 3ds! More on that in another post on how I got it because wow… Ok, as all things, it’s always an adventure here.

 Mii friend code

What you most probably want to just know is my friend code! That it is, right there. You will have to comment/email me your friend code if you want me to add you back in any case.

Nanowrimo TGIO 2013!

Lastly, we’re having our NANOWRIMO TGIO PARTY on the 7 December 2013, 6.30pm at the National Library! Possibility room at level 5.

Don’t forget to RSVP so we can prepare our stuff.

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