Momento Mori! Aka the girls from Tumblr

With their glorious purpose

“I like your shoelaces,” I said cautiously.

“I STOLE THEM FROM THE PRESIDENT!!” they screamed excitedly.

Momento Mori.

Apparently it was actually a typo of memento mori but it still kept the meaning pretty cool (moment of death).

These girls from CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School are really from tumblr.

Each one has their own fandom and they know if one is not working when their tumblr dashboard is refreshing with their own fandoms. This sentence totally does not make unless you are from tumblr too.

Hui Fen, Clara, Phoebe and Janelle are here holding up their carrot neck pillow called glorious purpose because… it looks like Loki’s horns.

It actually really does when you put it on your head.

Theirs is a colourful one.

BUT LET US GET to know more about what their production is! Their storyboard looks quite colourful, isn’t it?

Well, it’s all 2d and it will be typographically cute with vectory animations going here and there.

Think in the style of My Little Pony or Powerpuff Girls. That kind of vector graphics but with funky text fonts.

They're using wacoms too

They’re charging on all the way in week 1 because one of their members have to go by week 2, for a holiday. In fact I think this problem is amongst the other teams too!

You can’t say no to parents after all when it’s for a holiday.

But you can make up the work while you’re there.

Now, what IS their story about? Well, what I can say is that it has a lot of puns.


Puns enough to make me laugh hysterically and shove them in people’s faces to vote for the animation when it is completed.

That amount of puns.

Spot the odd one out.

Fun fact:

When you do get to see their video after everything, if you watch it carefully, you might notice one of the three soldiers is different! He’s the one with the pudgy stomach.

Food loot!

So far, these girls are one of the most excitable in the N.E.mation studio (it’s really just large tents in the NYP lounge room) and you can hear them once you enter the room.

They’ve made themselves home by having a boxful of food.

They would like to ALSO have a small shout out to team Dairy Products for giving them some food.

So team Dairy Products, thanks for the food.

It's totally Homestuck.

This is just the first week but from what I’ve seen of their work, they’ve pretty much have done a lot already.

Nothing to near completion of course but if they do keep up at this pace and if nothing dies or if no files get corrupted, wow.

They’d be done with some time to spare for double checking?

If they don’t get distracted by Tumblr, of course.

And here’s a few words from them:

Yessssssss. Can you believe that during their final pitch, they used this AWESOME line that they’ll get there “pun way or another” and it was met with “…” by the judges?

LIKE HOW I DON’T KNOW. But they got in and YOU can support their punny ways by liking their page here.

Or you can go to the N.E.mation Facebook page, click the top 10 team app and then find their name there! Do iiiiit. They need the support to win once their productions are up too!

Oh and this is set up by them if you want to follow too:

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