Momento Mori : Shouting Out?

Their natural state.

Their natural state. Well, technically when I caught them like this was when they had finished the day’s work!

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Drink water!

Here’s Momento Mori cheering you on with water.

Drink water, it’s good for you.

Playing with the lights?

Anyway, somehow they were called on by the filming team by MOE? For some educational thing who visited N.E.mation to go around to the other groups and give shout outs to them.

Yes, it’s pretty much them going to each group and cheering them on.

It’s really random but it’s nice?

They are hard working though.

Finally they have learned that even by being ‘extras’ for a video, it takes a lot of time too.

Anyway they were happy to get back into their tent to do their own work!

The girl in the hoodie is not another student, that is their instructor. She was looking through the day’s work and giving comments on what was needed to be refined.

I gasped as she scrutinized TINY RAIN DROPS that bounced off an umbrella and circled them and gave suggestions to make it look more organic.


This is not their production but hey while they had the opportunity to use wacoms and just a bit of time, they’re just trying out the software on their own!

It’s no often you get to use these items anyway.

Sort of drawing.

And then they showed me their extent of their art skills which in THEIR opinion was not much.

In my opinion, it was quite a bit!

Even if their art skills were ‘not much’ they really are being stubborn and getting their animation done! So see, if you’re ever afraid in entering the competition because you can’t ‘draw’, don’t worry, the instructors are there to help you out.

While they won’t MAKE everything for you, they will be able to teach you enough and guide you to get your productions done.

Momento Mori is definitely giving their all to do this.


Did you know their story’s voice over is actually Chua Enlai?

They were terribly excited when they listened to the voice over he did for their production.

Momento Mori didn’t get to meet him but they do get to listen to him over and over to get the timing right in their animation.

The girls hoped he’ll also support them by liking their team over at N.E.mation, hahaha.

Substicky Laufeyson. Kneel!

And now, I leave you with Substicky Laufeyson (it’s the pokemon Substitute) with all their other toys kneeling to him.