Wow, so snow and so fitness

Firstly, Max and I did a Malay version of Love is an Open Door from Frozen. You can read the lyrics by him here if you want to.

It’s cause we learned that Malaysia is getting a Malay dub version of Frozen called Anna dan Permaisuri Salji. Also, they actually have “Let it Go” as “Bebaskan“.

How WILL the actual Malay version of Love is an Open Door sound like? We will be in hysterics if it actually sounds anything like our dub. For that ‘sandwich’ part in the original song we changed ours to “We finish each others’ sandwiches” to “We finish each others’ chicken” because ayam sounds closest to ayat.

Sorta selfie

Oh and I’m going to the Commando Challenge this SUNDAY! You guys can be spectators if you want. My slot is at 1pm and I’ll be going with Tash.

Now, I do training twice a week but I don’t post myself since my phone is not optimized for selfies and we work out, outdoors. Hence, there are no mirrors and the closest selfie of me working out you can get is a picture of me taking my legs there.

They're kettlebells

I try to take some pictures of what I use though but then, we usually work out intensely more than taking pictures. I use kettlebells for deadlifts, swings, squats and much more that I can’t remember what the names are.

A rip trainer

Yeah, we work outdoors at the fitness corner or the multipurpose hall. This is a rip trainer, I don’t have a picture since I can’t find it but we use TRX suspension band thingies too. It’s something you hook to a bar or pull up area or somewhere and exercise with it.

Ok duh, you exercise with it all.

The pic above is a rip trainer though, lots of tension and auuugh so tiring but helps in power based exercises.


These are battling ropes. OH MAN. There are many difficulty stages with this. Our trainer usually brings the ‘medium’ difficulty one I think. Different levels have different weights.

Swing them!

You kinda swing them up/down, left/right depending on the exercise but anyway you’re supposed to make oscillations like waves with it to the end and it is NOT easy at all.

Currently the equipment all above is more power based, I have no idea where the pictures I have of what we use for agility training but eh you can imagine agility ladders (they’re like ladders on the floor), skipping ropes and other stuff that’s more seen everywhere.

Indeed, I go with a trainer and he brings many varieties of equipment down depending on the session we’re having. We do a balance of power/agility/core/etc bla bla well it’s there. It’s effective and I like it.

If you guys want to buy your own equipment, SOME of the items can be found at Movement First, plus they actually deliver.

ANYWAY, I am posting this cause AUUUGH. OK SO I TRAIN and hopefully for Commando Challenge this weekend, it won’t be TOO tough and I can finish it. I was going hmm cause it suddenly occurred to me that I could wear a Princess Peach dress while going through it IF I ACTUALLY HAD ONE.

Never mind, next year perhaps because I like to do all these obstacle things and if I dress up as Princess Peach, I can go “I AM A LADYYYYYYYYY IYAAAYAYAYAYAYA!” to the finish line.

Cause ladies.

If you see a Princes Peach at any marathon/obstacle run thingy it will be 90% me unless someone else reads this post and goes, “OH YES I SHALL DO A PRINCESS PEACH” or something.

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