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Never stop exploring

4 January 2014 – Ventriloquism workshop at Bukit Merah Library

6 January 2014 – Game programming for Windows & iPhone at the Central Library

11 January 2014 – Run for Your Lives Asia

15 February 2014 – Marina Run

8 March 2014 – Venus Run

27 April 2014 – Run350

That’s what I’ve already registered myself to while the early bird offer is on for Marina Run and Run350, plus the Venus Run I managed to get a discount by registering with pals.

By the way, the programmes at the library I registered for are free and it’s more of first come, first served! There’s lots of cool workshops and you can check out the Go Library events or Read Singapore’s workshops. These ones are for January to March 2014.

I know the leather crafting workshop is totally full for the first run in January, heh.

But ok, it looks like I’ve got myself into a run a month until April. They’re all very short runs, 5km only and I’ve been lost or going around in circles before for that amount of distance.

The longest run I’ve signed up for is Run 350 and that’ll be for 10km.

I’ve joined the Marina Run’s fun run because you get to play with water pistols, Run for Your Lives Asia for obvious obstacles, Venus run so I can run with my gal pals and lastly Run 350 because well, it was NTUC’s run and kinda cheap and is the ‘last’ run from this list so maybe I can do 10km by then?

It’ll be interesting if I can do a run a month for 2014 but then, probably not for June since fasting month is then.

I don’t really want to run run for long distances, I prefer the fun types where you do other things too.

So I’ve kinda plotted what I want to do for 2014. Did you know Singapore Writers Festival theme then would be The Prospect of Beauty?

I aim to be in it and to do a book (WIP TITLE) Belles of the Ball.

Only that I’d probably get it printed myself and only open to pre-orders.

It’s not an ordinary book.

It’ll be a game book.

Choose your own adventure! We’ll see how it goes.


So how was 2013? It’s been cool. I got to go to IKEA and eat meatballs. I know, I know.

I usually don’t actually go to IKEA so this was the first of the year for me to actually eating the meatballs there.

Bye Tong Seng

However places like Tong Seng and Anatolia closed. 🙁 I am sad for that. If any of the shopkeepers or stall owners for Tong Seng opens at any place, tell me.

As for Anatolia, if anyone knows where they are (hopefully) reopening, tell me too. I really, really miss their style of rice pudding and lahmachun.

They're kettlebells

Of course the year wasn’t just all about food. That would be silly. I did continue my training. Training for hotness.

And ok, I actually do want to be able to do pullups.

I STILL cannot do pullups. I can just hang there or monkey bars but not pullups.

It's Effie Trinket!

I got into competitions, didn’t win some, uh, win others.

I also got awarded by NLB for their Online Advocate Award which was cool since I received an upgrade for a year for my library membership.

Met some lovely girls from Momento Mori and The 4 of Us II for N.Emation (don’t forget to like their group on the facebook page).

The ‘geek’ crew at various conventions and also at the little season premiere hosted by HBO Asia who were really cool themselves.

The NLB people for Read! Singapore and helping us out for our own writery events. There are so many other people but if I did, this post will look like some spam list just know that you guys ARE in there, especially if you’re reading this. Also to those who I ate your food.

Not like I went pillaging or something but for those who I got to try out your goodies and told you guys that it was awesome.

Fandom, geekdom, gamers, cosplayers, cat people, photographers, blogger/social media, the bookish, the school people, friends, family and the everything else.

It’s a heck lot of you and you guys made my 2013.

Running away, sorta.

I joined two races that were kinda near the end of the year. It wasn’t your regular runs but instead the Race the Dead and the Commando Challenge obstacle ones.

Hence why I’m kind of enthusiastic for the ones I’m doing in 2014 because EXCITEMENT. I might get a hydration pack because the last one, Commando Challenge had a lack of water points (it was also written in by a LOT of people to the management about this after the event).

A hydration pack would be a good back up for me while I go about running anyway or on random adventures. Slowly but surely, I’m building up my adventure gear/wear/pack.

So there, that’s 2013.

2014… Well, you can stick around and read what I’ll do or like my facebook at:

Where I shall post about what stuff you guys CAN do too!

If you’re expecting a post of my new year’s resolutions, HA HA, no.

You won’t find that here in this post at least.

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