The First Run of the Year

The grounds

It was my first run for 2014. The Run for Your Lives Asia (Singapore) 2014! And wow, ok it was a zombie day because I went to the Walking Dead Live public event in the morning.

The starting point and race pack collection was at The Padang.

I pretty much hecked it and walked from Lasalle to the Padang because it wasn’t that far anyway.

Life tags!

I collected my race pack, pinned my bib and attached my life tags on the belt thingy.

I knew this was going to be the last time I’d be able to take a picture of it since I was 90% sure I would lose them by the end of the race.

Getting ready

It looked so nice, right? Sorta. The dark clouds were looming so the DJ told us whoever was already ready, to just join the next wave. I WAS THERE ALONE OK. Sort of. I knew my friends Tashigi and Ka were going to be there as zombies, I just didn’t know where or if I’d see them.

Giant redbull

Just walking around and here, have a giant Red Bull set against the area of city hall, you can see the in construction The National Art Gallery Singapore and all the other business buildings.

And then I joined the queue cause really, the dark clouds were looming and it was starting to drizzle just a LITTLE bit and then it stopped…

I found Tashigi and Ka.

They were the first two zombies lurking at the gate. Ahhhhhhhhh. You can see them in the video and change it to HD on youtube to see a higher resolution.

Anyway, you can see mostly my run. This time no stupid sand nor stupid mud… Just rain and it wasn’t too bad for my session. I lost all my life tags!

The first one was actually by Ka and then I ran and ran, there were so many zombies in the starting point that it was just so “AHHHHHH”.

The downpour

It rained REALLY heavily when I FINISHED my run. I was soaked not because of any obstacle but because of the rain.

IT WAS LIKE BEING UNDERWATER but not, you couldn’t really see anything and really, it was just being splashed with water continuously.

The Goodfellas

Meanwhile, The Goodfellas were playing on as the rain poured and it was really cool somehow as I left the area.

My first run and it wasn’t too bad, just the rain at the end of it all. I lost one side of my gloves that my friends gifted to me 3 years ago so that was sad but it was lost during a zombie run so that wasn’t bad compared to losing it randomly. I doubt I shall see the other side of my gloves again, ALAS.

My next run is the Marina Run. 5km is kind of do-able for me and it’s just a run without obstacles so it should be fine.

My loot!

Oh yeah! My medal! I got INFECTED. Bought a little pin at the merchandise booth too since it said “Run For Your Lives Asia 2014 Singapore”.

The nerf bullet is actually from The Walking Dead event and it may/may not have been bitten by Norman Reedus.

Conclusion for my first run? It is fun. Oh and Run For Your Lives Asia seemed pretty organized to me with their race pack collection and water points. The volunteers and all managed to point out the correct direction to run too.

The only downside part of RFYLA SG 2014 is just that there are a lot of tourists, but that can’t be helped.

The view WAS pretty nice though as it was along the Merlion park and Marina Bay Sands. May my next run be cooling and not raining.


I’m going for a fun run.

It’s called the Wet & Wild Fun Run.

There’s going to be water pistols instead.

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