I wanna scoot

Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter

I want to scoot around on this Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter. I’m saving up my money and all that because I realized I would be able to go to a LOT of places just scootering around.

I could also take it on the MRT and if by an unlucky chance should the trains not work, I could just unfold this and scoot away instead of taking a bridging bus towards non-affected places. It’s small enough to get on a bus with it too so yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to get a foldie since I really, REALLY wander around a lot of places and this would be better to lug around with.

Then it occurred to me, huh, with all the places in Singapore I go to and with all the events, it would be cool if someone actually sponsored this scooter.

It’ll be even cooler if Scoot air actually sponsored it because… DUH SCOOTING ON A SCOOTER? SCOOT?

Me not busting into your office.

So Scoot, this is my proposal to you. Instead of busting into your office, I am just writing a post here and it’s up to you to email me if you wanna. Hopefully before 7 February 2014 because I’d be buying it then.

You might be wondering who I am so these next few tweets might give you a little idea on it.

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