The Guy I Like

Maybe this is a blatant use of the picture I took of Hugh Jackman yesterday at the X-Men Live, Days of the Future Past premiere in Singapore.

But I was thinking about guys. LE GASP.


To be specifically, X-Men guys. When I was a kid, I really liked Wolverine.

He was so cool because he had claws. I wanted claws! They could cut and dice so many things. And he was gruff but he was nice to Jubilee. And while he was such a loner guy, he was rather loveable? Like a bear?


And then I got older. Well, in my teens and I learned more about the X-men and I found Gambit to be really charming.

He’s the bad boy who really loves Rogue. (I totally liked Rogue too but this post is about the guys so yeah.) Wolverine was more like a good older bro dude to me then.

Like “Hey bro, yeaaah”. The relationship somewhat that Rogue or Jubilee had with Wolverine. Not the type Jean had Wolverine.

But Gambit, hello. Wow, how are you so hot and nice and charming? He is such a tease and no wonder all the ladies like him too because he can be such a gentleman.

He had secrets and inner angst. Delicious angst and the whole thing about still loving Rogue while he still couldn’t really touch her was just so, sooo tragic in a way. (Let’s ignore future!Rogue and other alternate universes or their current powers now and other plotlines.)

That’s some devotion! But he was a bad boy and yet so, so good. With his Cajun accent and stupid pink shirt. He wore that in the 90s, by the way. His brown hair, not too short, yet not too long and you can run your fingers through it and he goes all “ma chere” or “ma petite” and kyaaa~~~


I think you get the idea.

It's Cyclops

And now. While I still really like Gambit. A lot. I wouldn’t go for him because he is dangerous. Dangerous in a bad boy way. I’ve learned that bad boys are bad. Bad for the health and everything too. He’s so tempt worthy though.

Yet, I know what’s good for me is Cyclops.

He’s so reliable and he’s steady.

I know, he can be so plain vanilla at times but he’s the NOT bad boy. Ok, maybe I went to the opposite-Gambit majorly instead. But what I like would be goodness. I’m not Jean, Dark Phoenix, Madelyne or Emma Frost, so let’s ignore those bits ok?

And you want to make him smile.

He’s keen and so earnest and devoted too! Ok, maybe I went on a Cyclops route instead because Gambit types hurt. Not saying that Cyclops can’t make mistakes or anything like that. It’s just less?

Or is it cause I would not be too attached to Cyclops as compared to Gambit and thus I won’t be that hurt?? I DON’T KNOW. I just know that Cyclops is safe and is there. And that’s the current X guy I would go for.