Liquid City volume 3!

Liquid City 3

Guys, it’s the book launch of Liquid City Volume 3 on 19th July, 4pm at Kinokuniya!

The one at Ngee Ann City aka Orchard.

Go check it out because Max is in it! Yeah!! Ok. Sonny Liew and all other famous artists too but THIS IS WHY THIS IS A BIG THING. WOOOH.

Prepare at least $38.90 because it is a volume of WOAHness. That’s the price I saw on the kino site anyway. It might be cheaper in real life due to member discounts or book launch?

On a semi related note…

WIP preview!

YEAAAAH! Doing a thing. This is not the final colours. I commissioned Max for the line art. To those who kept up with my questions of a THING that I wanted to do, this is a preview of what it is gonna be, in general.

Well, not final colours but you can ~imagine~ what this is going to be.

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